Istanbul lends its name not just to a city but also to many dreams. It inspires millions of people as the Bosphorus flows into eternity. Galatasaray, which takes the path to “Europe, once again” after three years, was born into the heart of this exciting union on these lands. Just like it was 18 years ago, it became the name of victory.

The desire to be a part of something bigger seeps into our souls. That’s exactly when Galatasaray comes into the picture – not like a football team but like a companion. Not like love but like passion. The perfect union of red and yellow takes hold of the city for 113 years. After three years, Galatasaray wins the ticket to the Champions League, turning the entire city into a carnival ground. Istanbul looks great in red and yellow. A team of firsts and superlatives, Galatasaray goes on a European journey to its origins with one of the first uniforms to focus on Istanbul so much. On its way from Karakul to Nevizade, İstiklal to Aslantepe, it gathers everyone in the stadium for one goal – unconditional love and a collaborative victory! Istanbul is doubtlessly one of the most important representatives of Galatasaray as the team’s home city. Designed exclusively for the Champions League, the uniform portrays Istanbul with fine details. Featuring traces of Istanbul and the Bosphorus on a pure white background, the uniform is the club’s biggest gesture of gratitude to its homeland and the city.

Creative Direction by BI CREATIVE
 Photography by ALI GÜLŞENER
Fashion by BURAK SANUK
Photography Assistant by BERİL ECE GÜLER
Styling Assistants by ŞULE GÜLEN, MEHMET YAŞAR
Starring Cüneyt Ceylan, Deniz Tekin, Doğa Erginoğlu, Emre Üşrenk, Güneş Ekin Sarıtaş, Taner Elmas,
Ceren Ötkün, Ege Kaynak, Tolga Kaynak