The Chopard Haute Joaillerie ateliers have created a masterpiece: an all-diamond ‘secret’ watch with the dial hidden beneath a dazzling hedgehog encrusted with moonstone spikes. This magical timepiece embodies the latest chapter in Chopard’s poetic exploration of the fabled Animal World.

To capture the stunning radiance of a jewellery creation that is also a watch, this unique piece requires hundreds of hours of work by the finest talents of the Maison’s Haute Joaillerie workshops. Beauty meets precision in this stunning hedgehog-shaped ‘secret’ watch featuring 18-carat white gold entirely paved with diamonds and moonstones according to an exceptional gem-setting technique. This timepiece celebrates the wondrous encounter between reality and dreams: an imaginary journey to the heart of a precious bestiary.

The creation of this Hedgehog watch stems from the expert, patient and inventive hands of the Chopard artisans who devoted their talents to this exceptional piece. From lines to volumes, crafting gold to setting precious stones, by pooling their skills the craftsman have given shape to this ‘secret’ jewellery watch and infused the precious hedgehog with a matchless sense of light in motion.