Letisya Tapan has been one of those women for me who I didn’t know a great deal about, but followed form a far – and not in a creepy, literal way, thankfully. I couldn’t think of a better time to get to know this woman in person, and see what it was about her aura that was so capturing…

Although people claim that they don’t change, their taste, style, views, and even their demeanors may change. Compared to a few years back, what kind of changes do you observe in yourself?

I try to make permanent investments that will be of added value to myself. I actually take a piece from the maturing process that life brings, and the point I would like to reach is always a step forward. Being able to take one step a day brings along many more steps and changes. There is a big difference between the past and now. I think that I have come a long way in matters such as the responsibilities I take, the ability to face things, taking on challenges, and finding quick solutions. But life is a process. “To be” requires tirelessly working while listening to yourself, and being open to change.

What kind of words do you use when defining your identity? Which one feeds you the most?

I am a person who can come up with solutions, and a non- believer in obstacles. Believing there is always a way out and creating solutions are what things that make me who I am. I really don’t like to run around in circles or go back to where I started. Due to these features, I think that I am able to cover ground. Of course in the standards of today, dealing with uncertainties is a very important feature.

How do the things you’ve observed about your mother while growing up affect you today?

My mother is incredibly self-sacrificing and knows no limits in that context. She always puts others before herself. To be the daughter of someone who is this giving is a huge source of honor for me, because it requires you to push your ego into the background. There are times where I catch myself act accordingly, however in the long run, I do believe that being selfish has it’s own advantages. In short, we can say that I work on trying to balance the discipline I got from her.

What have you been working on lately?

Going back and forth to work and writing. I’ve began writing about fashion for İstanbul Art News Chronicle 3 months ago. If I’m not doing office work, I am researching about that.

What makes you smile, and causes you to start the day in a positive manner in a time that is not so joyous?

Devoting some time to myself. Before, I used to throw myself out from my house with one move. Now I try to leave the house in a good mood, sparing time for small sources of happiness. I drink bulletproof matcha (with coconut oil) to feel fit. I make sure to go to the gym before going to the office. And my all-time must is dressing up. When in clothes that makes me feel good, everything seems more bearable.

Can you talk about your profession? How was your journey entering the cosmetics world, how did you find your place and prosper?

I am in charge of importing cosmetics and their distribution. We realize the distribution of niche perfume brands like Atkinsons, The Merchant of Venice, Frapin, Jovoy and Arquiste, and personal care products such as Soho House’s creation Cowshed, Neville, and Cheeky along with other brands that I can define as commercial. I actually started my career in fashion, however somehow life led me to leading our family business. I believed that I had to do the labor and bring the job to where it needed to go due to how I embraced this job as a heirloom and how I owed the way I was brought up to this company, which made me who I am today. I actually grew up within the sector. My vacations since childhood were spent in fairs. Although I thought I knew how the job worked, the things I’ve learned in the last 5 years have been priceless. Because every day, we try to make a difference by putting limited opportunities to good use. I believe that we show growth by coming up with creative solutions and analyzing every decision. Of course, it’s really difficult to reach conclusions in this day’s economy.

How do you think a women gets “her look”?

It’s a good question; that is the exact phase I feel I am in actually. A timing so close to having my own look. I want to go through my clothing and continue in a particular line, however clothes are objects to me. They all have their own stories and I live wearing them for a long time, expanding their stories. This is why I have a difficult time trying to get rid of things that I’ve owned for a long time. Even if I don’t wear them. This is why I think having a look happens when you maintain the line of the clothes you wear the most and what you feel good in.

However I don’t think I can form a simple equation saying I shall wear a white button-up with a pencil skirt or tights. Because what I see every season gets me really excited and transforms me to another land. I definitely want to experience the evolvement of one’s style with age. It’s too early to say this is me. It’s the right time to say I am many things.

Bits and Pieces

Courage? Taking risks.

Fashion? Passion.

Breakfast? Sugar-free cookies from almond dough.

The song that will get you out of bed the fastest? Iggy Pop Nightclubbing.

The book you can read over and over again without getting bored? The Prince – Machiavelli.

Your favorite word? Spirit is authoritative. / Arthur Rimbaud