Aslı Hotiç Türker is slightly more busy with her kids than work nowadays… In true mom form, her valued moments revolve around her family. She gets her unending energy from the first few hours of the morning which she spares for herself. With her upbeat spirit that lasts the whole day, we find ourselves during Aslı’s favorite time within 24 hours!

Your favorite time of the day?

In the morning between 7 and 9 a.m….

With whom?

With my children and my husband!



Doing what?

Playtime with the kids, and then me time for myself with some coffee after I send them off to school.

The happiest moment?

When I am by myself…

Which moment would you take us to if we were to ask you for moment that you wished would never end?

To raise a glass to the sunset is one of my favorite and most joyful moments. It can be a very warm summer day or a freezing winter evening… I am very much affected by the colors of the sky. Wherever I am, looking at the sky is enough to bring me back to this moment… The most vivid memory I have is the sunset in Çeşme during my wedding.

When does time stop?

Time never stops!

How do you define being in the moment?

To be in the moment is to give myself one hundred percent to whatever I am doing at that second. This can be playing with the children, chatting with my husband or a friend or just taking a breath and pausing… To focus only on what I am doing and to be in that moment would be my definition.

What do you do in those days when you have “a lot of time”?

I try to spare time for my friends or I love to watch a romantic comedy film.

What does it mean for you to spare time for someone?

To be with that person without looking at the time.

Your future expectations/plans?

I don’t plan for the future, I want to live it as it comes. I don’t really think you can plan for anything.

What is your favorite quote about time?

Sometimes you don’t know the value of a moment, until that moment becomes a memory…