When it comes to expression our inner being based on our mind and feelings, we have no doubt that physical  contact becomes very effective. While hugging or simple gestures are the reaction to the feelings in our hearts, physical expression is the best way to communicate with ourselves. This must have come to the attention of Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, a filmmaker and artist from Pittsburgh, that she presents a stop-motion dance film named “349” in which she portrayed hundreds of people for 2 years.

Throughout her 2-year project, she illustrated people with different techniques, styles, colors, forms and materials. Shaeffer asked more than 300 people to describe a moment from a recorded dance performance. She emphasizes that animation is a sum of parts and the importance of the sense of sincerity of every part. Reflecting light, colors, styles and multiple personalities, “349” becomes the stop-motion variation of our candid feelings with its unique content.