Arter will feature three new exhibitions showcasing new works by artists Bahar Yürükoğlu, Murat Akagündüz and Şener Özmen between March 24th and May 15th.

Bahar Yürükoğlu’s exhibition “Devridaim” is constructed around her trip to the North Pole in 2015 and her experiences from it. The show is made up of photographs, videos and an instillation that blurs the lines between natural and fake, exhibited on the first floor of Arter, using materials like lighting, the museum’s space as well as color. Murat Akagündüz’ “Vertigo” is a series of Google Earth grabs of mountain peeks applied to a white canvas. It points out to human’s relationship with nature by using ever-growing technology, using digital outputs to picture nature. Şener Özmen’s “Filtresiz” is about platforms that are called thrones, used to spend summer nights outdoors in areas with high temperatures during that season. Özmen tries to break people’s views of her by trying something new, using the thrones as platforms where one can create new memories and start a new life.

Photographs of Murat Akagunduz’s reproductions for Mana gallery.
Bahar Yürükoğlu – Monument Yellow 2016
Bahar Yürükoğlu -Accession 2015
Photographs of Murat Akagunduz’s reproductions for Mana gallery.
Şener Özmen – Video Karesi