Yasemin İpek is on a journey of her own to leave her mark into the thing we call life. She take everyone under her spell with her journey. So-called life is all about the experiences we have, the ideas we put outside and going after your dreams… While Yasemin is writing her own story it is your turn to meet her! Enjoy.

3 words that describes you?

Detailed, observer and complicated…

Your motivation in life?

Everything you go through has a meaning into it…

Your discovery in Spotify?

Takuya Kuroda, Everybody Loves the Sunshine 

A book?

Dostoyevsky, Beyaz Geceler 

A movie?

Rosemary’s baby

A series?

The office

An IG Account


An artist who inspires you?

Bir sanatçıdan ziyade bir dönem: Bauhaus 

Show us your selfie-style?