It’s July, and we all know what that means… summertime! With these 5 summer essentials, you will be ready to face the sun. Let’s have some fun! 

A pair of sunglasses

If you plan on spending much of a time under the sun… First thing first you need a good pair of sunglasses, whether you go camping or just hanging out with friend it will add the cool effect into your look! This piece is not just for a purpose but for a bold statement. The time has changed!

A face roller!

Did you wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles around your eye sockets? Don’t despair, you can easily tighten up and refresh the area with the help of a face roller. Once applied, puffiness can appear diminished and your face will look hydrated and energized.

Face Roller & Tonic Water: PEL CARE
A Bold Bag

Hello sun, we missed you! There is nothing better than going out on a sunny day and taking a well filled bag with you. Whether you are heading to the beach, making a city trip or having a picknick with family and friends, a bag with enough space is a must-have and awesome summer essential.

Çanta / Bag: PSC
A moisturizer

In the summer months your skin can get dry for a variety of reasons: sun exposure, chlorine from pools and hot temperatures. Give your skin an extra surge of moisture by using an intensely hydrating cream… 

Nemlendirici Krem / Moisturizer: CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE
Multi-Purpose Oil

Combination skin hero! Will help with the dryness, won’t make everywhere else oily and slick. Use it both morning and night after exfoliating, under your night cream. Smooth, hydrated, comfortable.

Multi-Purpose Oil: PEL CARE
Make-up remover

Flawless skin in a single touch… Do you wonder? Don’t mind if we do… If dullness is your biggest skin bugbear, you need to incorporate a bottle of magic into your routine. A smooth, supple and crystal clear complexion that’ll make you kick the your game.

Makyaj Temizleyicisi / Make-up Remover: CLINIQUE
Denim Shorts

To show off your summer style denim shorts are the perfect solution! You can mix and match this piece with bold and colorful bags which will also add some fun in your life! Chic and cheeky at the same time…

Denim şort / Denim shorts: GUESS, Çanta / Bag: PSC