Celebrating Irony: Shira Barzilay aka Koketit

UnframedMay 9, 2019
Celebrating Irony: Shira Barzilay aka Koketit

“Inner-self” is the word Shira Barzilay choses to express her work. Art is a place where you can be yourself through the image. And for Shira Barzilay, It is where she can be who she is and a safe home to show what she stands for and who she is as a person. The world right now wants to be explored, challenged, reformed and reimagined for the next century and for the future. ‘There is so much content in the world now, our feeds are overflowing with mediocrity and sameness.’ For her drawing is an outlet, a release, a way to speak. It’s a demonstration of emotion, imagination, observation, ideas, new forms and a way of exploring the known and unknown from within. Think of a journey that started with doodles and sketches… now she is a well- known illustrator with her brand ‘Koketit’. She did collaborations with brands such as H&M and Roberto Cavalli and setting off on a journey to leave her fingerprint on the earth, she catches the eyes of many with her extraordinary storytelling. 

A line could tell it all! In her teens a Versace book was handed to her and her journey started within fashion that moment… On her way to becoming the next Versace she decided to take a different path and become an illustrator…Think of a person who is drawn to all the elements that are unique and twisted… 

Authenticity is a key element in Barzilay’s work, she is a person who applause for diversity and everything that matters in the world. Being not figurative but much more expressive is her thing. For her, drawing is not just about art but yet building and finding the inner-self… We meet with the young creative to go on an artistic journey… 

Imagination or Reality?
What is authentic for you?
Everything is possible, is there anything you wish for yourself? 
Let’s say you met someone new. How would you introduce yourself? 
Author: Duygu Bengi