Difference In Between: Lado Bokuchava

FashionMay 9, 2019
Difference In Between: Lado Bokuchava

Authenticity is something very personal, it’s hard to define what it means in general. Up to the present, there are so much of the information disseminated online has to do with numbers. Finding what appeals to most people is easy, at least most of the time. Authenticity can be the fabric you choose or the idea behind your story… To understand what makes Lado Bokuchava unique, you first need to forget everything you think you know about what’s right or what’s wrong. ‘I love the contrast in everything in art, in fashion, movies, books…’ says Lado Bokuchava, a person who is passionate and dedicated to what he does. We are at a strange time where everyone is throwing around left and right, but nobody really knows why things happen.  In such a world we come across with Lado Bokuchava who knows exactly what he’s doing. And for him what is important is what the idea behind a story is. Lado Bokuchava is a person who hates labels and boundaries. And here’s your chance to get to know him and his authentic self a little more… 

Beginning with an observation on how you are approaching both the street style and luxury with your brand Lado Bokuchava, what is your story and how does it link to your brand? 

Lado Bokuchava: I love the contrast in everything, in art, in fashion, movies, books, I always look at the two sides of the story and like to observe both. I have never liked only luxury, or only underground, always tried to mix these two elements and see how they would fit together. 

How do you hope to convey these two different visions, how do you make sure both ideas messages get across?

Lado Bokuchava: I do not have any specific formula or rules of how I want to convey two different visions. It all comes naturally. I do research for both and then I implement this in my collections. This is not something I think about specifically, this is what I have always liked and wanted to create. 

Lado Bokuchava

Your design aesthetic has so many techniques and details feature such as drapes and so much pop of color, what is your inspiration?

Lado Bokuchava: My inspiration from season to season does not vary that much, of course, there are some certain elements that are different but mostly it stays the same, 80’s underground, vintage tailoring, and science fiction, but the direction is always different. When I start to think about new collection so many ideas and techniques come to mind that I want to use them all and experiment. Colors make me happy, they give me drive and energy, with every new collection I always mix different colors. 

Fashion is a place where many artists, creatives and provocateur thinkers gathered, where do you stand as a designer in this crowd? What do you want to say to the world?

Lado Bokuchava: I am not sure that I stand with any of them, I just create what I like and try to help people express themselves. 

Lado Bokuchava

Your designs reflect on everything, do you think having a position in such a reflecting industry is the beginning of a change?

Lado Bokuchava: Yes, I think it might be the beginning of a change. I can’t speak only about myself, but if we take a look at history of fashion industry and arts in general has always been the source of revolutions. 

What are your earliest memories of fashion? 

Lado Bokuchava: My mother wearing huge heels, she had those shoes in different colors and shapes. This is one of my earliest memories and also when I saw Dior’s “New Look” photo with elephants for the first time. 

How do visuals feed you? 

Lado Bokuchava: In today’s world with internet and social media, our minds receive so many visuals that sometimes it is more disturbing than helpful. Visuals such as old documentary movies, that has nothing in common with fashion feeds my mind more than visuals I get from my everyday life. Mostly interesting stories where I can use my imagination always reflect on my work. 

Your designs have pop of minimalism, how do you define that word?

Lado Bokuchava: Not only in arts or fashion, but generally in life I do not like definitive words, I do not like stereotypes, never define anything with one word, even genders, I do not think that something can be definitely feminine or definitely masculine. But as much as I do not like to define directions, minimalism is a direction in fashion, though I do not think it is related to me. 

Lado Bokuchava

It’s strange that all that work and then it’s over in a 20-minute runway show, how does it feel when you see your designs not you but to be seen by so many?

Lado Bokuchava: Mostly I feel very excited and always have a rush of adrenaline when a lot of people come to the backstage and congratulate me with the collection. But most of all I love when people can see the idea behind the collection, or behind the show, they feel the emotions I wanted to create with music, mood, and clothes, because in my case you can never know for sure what this idea was. 

Since then there has been this new type of sexiness which isn’t attributed to the male gaze of female sexual objectification. There is so much diversity in this and it’s much more inspiring.What do you think about this change?

Lado Bokuchava: Actually, this is the one change lately that I love the most. Many people became very confident. Sexiness is natural, you can’t frame it, or blame it only on the gender or visual characteristics. It all comes naturally and does not depend on one’s height, weight, skin, legs, hair or any other feature. 

Lado Bokuchava

Author: Zeynep Sahin