Think of a kid who lived in a post-war period and think of his/her life through this era… However, 50’s kids were living the life of a dream. As consuming increased insanely, it was the beginning of some say a golden era. Many entertainment centers, toys and characters which are still in our lives, hit the market at this time…

Very well-known Mr. Potato Head was one of the toys that came into our lives in 1952, but it was kind of in a different shape. Back then, you had to use a real potato for his head. Before Play-Doh used as a toy in a school in Cincinnati, it was used as a wallpaper cleaner. This transformation quickly expanded all around the world and reached today. The toys are used by kids and also adults are hit the market in the end of the 50’s… And guess what it was none other than Pogo Sticks and Hula Hoops! And of course every little girl’s –in fact every adult woman- dream, one of its kind with no doubt, Barbie dolls… They were launched in 1959. There were blonde and brunette Barbie dolls with four different bathing suit options and they became the favorite toy in the playgrounds!

Disneyland came into our lives! This was probably the biggest reason why the 50’s were a golden era for kids. Disneyland California with its Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland sections, is the first of its kind in the world. As Walt Disney made his dreams real in 1955, he aimed to build an entertainment center that suits for both kids and adults. Another one who was a TV figure and the cutest frog ever, Kermit! It just showed up on the screen and became the favorite character of Sesame Street. Kermit also nominated later for the Oscars and Golden Globe with its ‘Rainbow Connection song.

Kids being kids all the time, but if it is about witnessing the birth of many classics then we are talking about the 50’s kiddos!