Everything’s asleep… Streets were surrendered to passions and dreams. Boran Kuzum is someone who has the courage to follow his own truth. That’s why our journey gathers it’s inspiration to itself. “The biggest luxury in life is to meet with yourself!” When you pay attention to someone who already resigned oneself with all the descents and ascents, you’ll understand what we mean much better. We leave you alone with Boran.

Palto/Coat: BURBERRY, T-shirt: BALENCIAGA / HARVEY NICHOLS Jean: BURBERRY, Ayakkabı / Shoes: BURBERRY Yüzükler / Rings: EDITOR’S OWN

Do you see yourself as fortunate?
 Boran Kuzum: In the system we’re living into, I think that every person creates his/her own luck. There’s no limit when it comes to dreaming and wanting things; there’s no limit to what you can do in order to pursue those dreams also. There were times where, like everbody else, I felt like everything was going so well and experienced misfortunate events one after the other. And I learned my lessons by experiencing them; the most important thing is to take lessons from the events which we label as good or bad, grow stronger and just keep it rolling. I’ve been able to manage it most of the time. That’s why I see myself as fortunate.
How did you find the right profession for yourself?
Boran Kuzum: By experiencing what’s wrong for myself… I see those times as great occasions. At a point where you’re not sure what exactly you want in life, knowing what you don’t want is a great starting point. Instead of already known knowledge and transfer it to others, I always knew that I want a profession with a creative process. I was going to do something related to art and theatre opened the door for me.
You say that in Istanbul, “You first get to know people’s masks before themselves.” What kind of conditions gave you the cause to think like that?
 Boran Kuzum: In our generation, social relations are usually being based on mutual expectations. People invented several masks in order to bring themselves into beings in a social environment, to thrust themselves in or to protect themselves in those conditions. Some of them continue to live without noticing their masks, like someone they’re not and act without actually knowing how they really feel; some of them, being totally aware of those masks and use them as protectors from these social chaos. In a world where self-seeking and taking advantage of something outride everything else, to confide in someone, to share a life is not easy at all. So, the people around you which you can take their masks off and pull them down themselves are the ones who become the most precious.
Biker Ceket / Jacket: BLACK DENIM Gömlek / Shirt: SAINT LAURENT / BEYMEN Pantalon / Jean: DIOR HOMME / BEYMEN
When you start to work on a character, how does the process start?
 Boran Kuzum: Every new character is a new tool to show the world to the people as we tell their stories from a different perspective. For me, the basic motivation and starting point have always been these thoughts: what kind of awareness can I create with this character, what kind of emotions can I mirror, how can I make them understand what’s differing to them or what kind of bond can I establish between their thoughts and the other side… We live in times where our tolerance and endurance towards what’s different from us is diminishing; art is one of the most powerful tools to develop this consciousness.
“Being in the limelight, we supply with people’s need to ‘adore someone’ or ‘hate someone’, under the name of ‘criticism.’”
Balıkçı / Sweater: HUGO BOSS Ceket / Jacket: BALMAIN / HARVEY NICHOLS Deri Pantaloon / Leather Pants: EDITOR’S OWN Bot / Boots: GUCCI / ISTINYE PARK Yüzükler / Rings: EDITOR’S OWN
Does an actor has to be critical?
 Boran Kuzum: First of all, criticism has to be constructive. Admiration or hatred under the name of criticism does not help for the artist to grow or carry onward. People are our material, so we criticize what’s around us and make observations. But we shouldn’t mix ‘criticism’ with ‘ridicule.’ I notice that there are people who multiply the love my sharing it with others and there are people who grew up lonely and loveless so they need to share their hate by doing a dump on someone. Being in the limelight, we supply with people’s need to ‘adore someone’ or ‘hate someone’, under the name of ‘criticism.’ What actually happens is that we’re mirroring their inner worlds. What matters the most and what is powerful is to do your own self-criticism before taking a look around. I look out for that in the first place, if I need to criticise a situtation.
“A man is both the worst enemy and best friend of himself.”
Do you criticise yourself?
Boran Kuzum: A man is both the worst enemy and best friend of himself. I extend my passions by criticising myself and often see my mistakes more than I need to. But I mostly let myself live a little. I already have people whom I trust and give me useful feedback. Until now, everything I’ve experienced whether good or bad have helped me to move forward. There’s always a lesson you can gain. If you prefer to look from the bad side you also find so much to be anxious about but I want to appreciate my life right now. We do a job where we have a neverending schedule and work continues in our social lives also So I want to spend my time with the ones I love, collecting good memories and living my life to the fullest.
Do you have times where you look at things from your character’s point of view outside the set?
Boran Kuzum: Yes, despite the fact that my priority is always the impact on the audience, I discover different point of views with every character I play. What I also notice is that: “Everyone perceive what’s going on around them as far as their goodness and kindness let them to perceive.” In convervatoire, while we were studying on a new character with one of my dearest teachers, we first choose three adjectives that can be added to that character. At that point, even one good adjective put on the bad ones could help develop empathy. I, with that consciousness, started to be more resilient and understanding to people and incidents.
Do you have a turning point among the projects you’ve been into? If not, do you believe you’re waiting for that moment still?
Boran Kuzum: My turning points were never based on projects but just instruments for me to see what to do and how to continue with my job. But I believe that every project nurtures the next one and happens with the help of the prior.  Every one of them helped me to evolve and improve myself. Acting is such a powerful discipline that while giving the character a soul, we must try to balance between emotions and logic and in order to stay in a healthy mindset, we need to succeed at equalizing those ups and downs in our lives and convert into the right direction. My true turning point was the period of time that helped me to gain this mindset.
Palto/Coat: BURBERRY
You were part of a production which was held in the past before and now you are here with a series which left a mark in its time; Sahin Tepesi.”Can we say acting is kind of a time travel?
Boran Kuzum: Another dynamic comes within the story. Such as the series I am part of now which is directed by Hilal Saral, Sahin Tepesi. A situation is out in the world like I said before it is such an important social problem; masks. I work on this problem when I am on the character. All his social behaviour is hidden by the mask he puts on towards the outside world. The story tells within time we will see how this young men can show his true self without any mask on.
Boran KuzumPalto / Coat: BURBERRY
What would you do if you weren’t an actor?
 Boran Kuzum: I guess I’d try to become an actor anyway. I searched for a second option but couldn’t find one. I have a very passionate love for what I do. I hope I can continue telling stories and do my job with the same passion.
Actor Javier Bardem says, “Thinking about what’s next is an exhausting process.” Do you agree with him?
Boran Kuzum: I once complained one of my friends about uncertainty and how exhausting it makes me feel, she said to me, “Don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Uncertainty can also be pleasing. Just enjoy know knowing what’s going to happen next.” I try to live like that after that conversation. It’s nice to let things happen in their own time and wait for them in reliance.

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Röportaj / Interview by DUYGU BENGİ
Moda / Fashion by BURAK SANUK
Fotoğraf / Photography by MUSTAFA NURDOĞDU
Saç – Makyaj / Grooming by ÖNDER TİRYAKİ
Moda Asistanı / Fashion Assistant: BÜŞRA SANUK
Saç & Makyaj Asistanı / Hair & MUA Assistants: MUSTAFA AKGÜL & ZEYNEP DOMBAYCIOĞLU
Teşekkürler / Thanks to BABYLON