You are face to face with a generation who respects your truths but creates their own truths. In time we search for many eras, are confronted with many stories from different eras within the information vortex we are in. We try to establish a harmony from the past to the future, but most of all try to stay at the moment, because the moment that we are in is unique. We; are the people of an era where individuality is very important but yet insignificant… Where the people, who do not break away from the whole but dissociate, are more valuable. It’s hard to tell us what to do. We would like to be followed, not to follow. Let’s be one step closer to meet.

“I am concerned by the fact that there are constructions all over the streets of Istanbul! This led to an increase in the number of graffities on the streets. It makes us happy to reflect our art, culture on the streets but on the other hand we cannot breathe easily in this city! Rap music echoes more on the streets! Peace.” Kamufle

“Everyone is talking about the impact of social media on our individual behaviors. This is about where you put social media devices in your life. If you spend most of the day with your phone at your hand, reading people’s comments on the last photo you shared and turning your morale upside down, then the damage is already done. The activities about yourself on social media should not be important than having a coffee with a close friend.” Allame

“To dream; expresses creativity, productivity, vision… I, not only dream when I’m lying or reconsidering but also while dealing with something during the day. I have distractibility, always different ideas crosses my mind. Dreaming is half the battle, so I felt myself one step closer to success than to defeat. Let the children and young people dream, I think this is the only realm that one shouldn’t be realistic; as the name implies let’s leave it as “dream”, let us dream so that beautiful works can be introduced.” Burak Yörük

“Being authentic is to give up all our moral values which we develop uncomprehendingly thinking that it is right, the behavior patterns and mindscapes that are laid upon us, the effort to become a model individual, being the project of our family and society. To care about our individuality by letting our own values, beliefs, thoughts and emotions to be formed. It is a journey of pursuing one’s own truth, thought, belief, moral values and personal purpose. I think this is a demanding, difficult but a liberating road. Trying to resemble each other with the ideas, way of life, even with what we wear is in fact are the steps that are moving away from authenticity. Being alone in a community with our thoughts and behaviors is one of the things we are most afraid of; We never think at all whether my idea is right and theirs is wrong. We approved in advance that what the majority thinks is true and, in this case, we are already suspended enough from being authentic and cannot feel free. So, in short; being authentic means being free for me.” Bige Önal

“I want to get away from today as far as possible. I throw myself about 1000 to 2000 years ago… That completely different world where mysticism, King Arthur and witchcraft rule, is the actual time that my heart should sprout. I feel a spiritual craving for those eras when the laws of the jungle and even the functioning of the time in the world are incomparably different to the present. The name that I have given to this longing is nothing more than the simplest feeling that I feel continually. The desire to be a stranger without an id at an era when the material and digital view do not rule, people feel the power of healing and medication inside, life and exploring are an endless quest for self, magic and mystery live their golden age at full speed, tickles me.” Sena Loren

“If I had a chance to change one thing in the world, I would use it to destroy evil. I would destroy the evil in people so that the world could be a more peaceful place.” Miro Gerede Erkaya

“Ambition means a great determination for me. All my life, I’ve always been fascinated to people who have this feeling. Of course, it has a lot of bad sides, but if you proportion correctly we cannot deny the side that leads to dreams. The only ambition that I can’t get through is to “succeed”. This is now a situation that is ingrained in my life. Opening that jar in the kitchen with hard work is a success for me and this feeling compels you to solve even the smallest things by yourself. Being unable to do, is out of the options.” Yaprak Medine

 Creative Drection by Duygu Bengi
Fashion by Burak Sanuk
Photography by Zeynep Özkanca
Hair by Mustafa Akgüu, Önder Tiryaki Studio
MUA: Elif Girgin
Styling Assistant: Melis Palaoğlu