Understanding Simplicity

MusicOctober 12, 2018
Understanding Simplicity

Simplicity becomes resplendent and Adrian Rodd is the definition of it. He says, “I am a simple man from Lanzarote, Canary Island, living in Madrid.” When we listen to his tracks and watch audio-visual contents he proves that he is not a simple man. His work is a way of sophisticated and perceptively-structured sound that matches unique and sincere pictures. Rodd represents his world by expanding the borders of senses with an inspiration from nature. In this interview, we have a taste of his endless journey with creating stories behind the reflections, and discuss why music and visuals should be together. 

The smallest action is always better than the most noble intention. Believe.

Who is Adrian Rodd and how did he start to tell stories with his music?

I started creating my own music at seventeen years old and very soon I published my works in labels and playing at national level clubs. The music is the reason why I started a degree in graphic design and audiovisual production as I dreamed to support music with my own audiovisual content. In the end, this became a way of expression and an amazing profession I enjoy doing every day…

Besides being a DJ/producer, you are also interested in the visual arts! How do you keep the balance and how are they feeding each-other?

It’s clear that I understand musical and visual creation together. It’s a way of expression and even more in the digital era we are now. I wouldn’t understand a musical album without the visual support or without sharing on social media. In my humble opinion now more than ever they both have to be together.

You have recently released your Waves EP. When we listen to the tracks they sound calmer and maybe more settled if we need to compare with your earlier works. But how do you describe the atmosphere of the new EP?

The truth is this EP came in a huge personal crisis from the past two years with the electronic music. From my 22 to 24 I was publishing lots of music with important labels, playing in and out of Spain, also resident DJ in one of the most iconic Techno clubs in Madrid and all this together drove me to a situation where it became a job, an obligation of always having to get it higher and the joy I had for it stopped. I kept going for a little while until I felt my heart wasn’t on it anymore. In this period, I was listening to new styles of music going from R&B, Trap, Ambient electronic, Dubstep or Lo-Fi. I pulled back from dance electronic production and let myself listen to different rhythms until I felt comfortable producing them myself and this album is the best example, inspired by everything I’m listening to at this stage of my life. I’m not a person that goes out often or goes to clubs every single week end, I’m inspired by other things such as the nature around me, a healthy life and I’m trying to reflect it in my music and productions.

While listening to the new EP, from beginning to the end, we felt like there is a huge story going on under the tracks. Nearly every song has its own style, has its own world and sound design. What were the motivations for you to create those rich sounds?

In Waves I was inspired by music that I never thought of, from Trap to Ambient, names such as: Yung Beef, Brian Eno, Burial, William Babinski, Jamie XX, Dj Boring, El Guincho, Mmoths & many more.

The opening track, Equilibrium has also a short film which you directed. The words in the description “Divided into three parts representing the colors, Blue, Red, and Green, Andy tells what this way of life means to him.” says it all but we would love to hear more from you about the movie and its production. What are the things that you especially wanted to focus on the movie?

This short was produced for the professional surfer Andy Criere. A person I’ve been working for years creating his audiovisual content. He is a special person that sees life in a different way and that inspired us to create a documental piece showing his personality combined to surfing. He always describes his situations with colors and we thought there was no better story to tell than expressing his feelings with colors. We have a great relation based on similar life ideals and attitude towards achieving goals so once we had the concept everything came together fluently. The documental short was filmed in Lanzarote, the place I was born, so safe to say I enjoyed like a kid during the entire creation process of one week long. I realized the entire project by myself and I feel grateful to have faced such a challenge… We created the music specially for what we wanted to make you feel in each scene of the short. Equilibrium and Waves are two of the tracks I produced for the video and they are now in my album at Cochlea Music.

I’m inspired by other things such as the nature around me.

Besides Equilibrium, will you continue telling your stories in a visual concept? What is the meaning behind this idea?

Yes, we just released the videoclip of Waves. The videoclip was filmed in front of my house, with my best mates, without agencies, clients or promoters, zero budget, for pure pleasure… It felt like a gift I made to myself in 2018. Working this way makes me feel free with just myself and the constant need of expressing my emotions with sound and image.

You worked with creatives such as Jamaica Suk, Jonas Kopp, Coeter and more. Should we wait for remixes with collaborations for the new EP?

No, when we planned the release of the album with the owner and my friend at Cochlea music, Denis, we agreed on releasing only originals. There is enough time to release a remix in future albums!

Even summer is almost over! Could you tell us 5 songs from your current playlist to make us feel summer vibe?

I’m writing this interview on my holidays in Sri Lanka where I have a month to enjoy this country, learning the culture and surfing amazing waves almost by myself in unbelievably beautiful places. This are the top 5 tracks I’ve been listening to these last days:

War It – Forest Swords

Diablo Remix – Sticky M-A, Yung Beef

and the sky cracked for the first time – J Colleran

Deathless – Ibeyi

There Will Be XTC – Traumprinz

What is the importance of motion to you?

The smallest action is always better than the most noble intention. Believe.

Author: Ozan Tezvaran