The brand is known for its minimalistic silhouettes and this season is no different Autumn- Winter 2018 takes inspiration from two themes. Real and Imaginary Nature. The collection is minimalistic, simple and feels exclusive. Pieces from A/W’18 collection is the definition of “process of nature”. Most of the materials used, are raw fabrics. The altered propositions and innovative materials gives new silhouettes a character. The collection is filled with simple, tailored garments. However, it has experimentation with textures such as organza, silk and leather. A shirt mixed with silk and nylon was an example to this experimentation.

The collection kept brand’s natural color palette with its earthy hues. Exaggerating the proportions of the shapes is a key factor in this collection. In womenswear, the looks aretransforming from nature to urban. The pieces are protective and textured with a pop ofcolor. Colors like purple, green and yellow shows contrast with colors such as brown and grey. One of the key items from the womenswear, the lime green coat and wool trousers. The tech fabrics are also taking part of the collection such as a grey coat for menswear. The fabric called termo, with heat, tone of the grey can get lighter and looks edgier. With accessories, the collection shows simplicity but sculptural forms. Grey oversize backpack and metallic earrings are some of the statement pieces in the collection.

Cos A/W’18, experiments form of textures. The use of contrasting material gives a modern take on simplicity. Imperfection and rawness are celebrated with every piece.