We go beyond all stereotypes of definitions. Eser Gündüz’s introvert but also exterior-depended approach turns into a passion to create and explore. His works that reflect a figurative approach of colors and geometry reflects his lifestyle. He begins by saying, “I live the geometry in life. I’m always moving within painting, architecture and sports.” Take a step closer to Eser who can take different looks at the entirety of a triangle.

How did you start drawing? What was your first motivation?

Just nature! The natural beauties in this field direct the individual into his/her own utopia.

Can you tell us about your working process? Where does it begin and how does it evolve?

I begin with the whole towards the interpretive fragments. I evolve through and interpret towards geometrical shapes with a flat surface. Street art can become a part of this in the future.

What does the shade and role of color signify for you?

Everything after the form. Period styles are very important in this context.

Most of your drawings have a surreal and a retro/psychedelic aspect but they are also in touch with reality and are very cool. Can you talk about the mission behind this aesthetic? How do you balance the two?

Technically, technique is the balance. It’s only through interaction and observation that I see past styles in new forms. It’s about how I approach and reflect the transformation of art.

”It’s very important that the Internet brings together many artists with different identities.”

You’re an active used of social media, especially Instagram. Do you think the use of Internet plays a role in the understanding of your drawings?

With its innovative perspective, the platform enables us to provide hints about works at a certain visual level and to collect interaction. It’s very important that the Internet brings together many artists with different identities.

Can you tell us about the exhibition of your dreams?

I think it’s pleasant to create something in flexible venues.

We know that you’re an architect besides a visual artist. Do you still work in that field?

Definitely. We should not detach design from painting or art; it should not be regarded as separate from them. It provides a natural transition of interpretation and a way of free-thinking inwards and outwards.

Are there any topics you currently work on or wish to explore?

Yes, amorph on contemporary utopias. To be specific, about our urban life, the expression of nature, and beautiful and dark days. I create and expand on Japanese arts and various architectural expressions. Taking a deep look into these things enable me to see and explore.

Photography by Burcu Karademir