We think, we write, we look at things, and rethink. All these questions jumping up and down in our head just so we understand what exactly we are looking for or what we see and what it means. At the end it is just an observation to better acquaint ourselves with our desires, fears and selves. Sophia Maayan Weisstub also explains her thoughts as such: “The universe as a whole fascinates me. I look around, I let the world effect me, I learn and I reflect. All this fascination plays a part to express everything I create. My art is a combination of the world outside and the world within. It is an interaction between reality and imagination, between what is physical and emotional.”

Sophia Maayan Weisstub does this exploration though doodling and illustration. The young artist combines the world outside and the world within through her unique perception of things. “I would say my strongest skill is creative thinking, the ability to see things in a unique (sometimes quirky) way. I’m passionate about learning and experiencing new things.” Her approach is straightforward and simple. It’s all about being curious, learning, growing, expressing. Let’s dig in to Weisstub’s mind.

Show us your persona!
What your fears look like?

What are your thoughts on specialization vs generalization?