Love 101 reminds us of courage. We know that there is a possibility to win every battle that we were defeated, that we will feed on our defeats as well as our victories. This is where we cross paths with Kubilay! We leave you with a speech that we’re sure will inspire you in your battle to know yourself! May you don’t fear your differences and embrace them more…

When do you find yourself?
When you start questioning yourself.  To do that, you have to make a mistake or mistakes. Then you question yourself… Maybe for days, maybe for a minute, but you will eventually come to a conclusion. For me, getting to know yourself starts with having a war with myself, and after succumbing to it, not giving up and thinking about why I lost, what I did wrong, and then coming back and winning it.

I believe that differences create diversity. Diversity creates improvement.

How do you think that being different is determined? What are the criteria? Do you ask yourself, to whom, to what? 
I ask myself that a lot, about everything. To what? To whom? As a result, I conclude that each person is unique. Almost everyone has a talent; some are good at music, some are good at math, some cook very well, some play video games very well. I believe that differences create diversity. Diversity creates improvement.

Is hope what binds us to life? Do you keep the excitement alive by dreaming and making plans in your head?
One of the powerful things that bind me personally to life is hope. If there’s hope, there’s enough motivation. There are dark clouds sometimes, but the sun always shines through them. I think being patient for the sun to come out is thanks to hope. I usually dream realistically and planned, so if I have a dream, I’ll always have a plan to achieve it.

How would you define love?
Love is love because it is undefined.

Interview Duygu Bengi
Photography Burcu Karademir