One of the things that Love 101 reminds us of is how easy it is to dream in high school. We all believed the world was a better place, and now we just hope it is. İpek revives all the incomplete, good feelings in us and reminds us that we can be happy with the little things that life has to offer. Join us!

Has there been anything lately that’s been speeding up your heart rate?
Every feeling and thought that life makes me have creates my identity. In fact, every emotion causes my heart to beat so fast; love, fear, wonder, excitement… Aren’t the things that make me who I am, are what makes my life special?

I’m one of those people who is happy with the smallest things.

How would you describe happiness?
I’m one of those people who is happy with the smallest things. When I look out from the balcony in the morning to see the trees blooming to celebrate the arrival of spring, and at night to know that every time I look up to the sky the stars will be there… These are miracles that have become commonplace for all, but they’re enough to make me happy.

How do you differentiate an inherently good person from a person who is trying to be good? 
I would like to explain this definition with the term ‘maxim’, which I have just learned actually. This term, according to the philosophy of ethics, means ‘the intention of performing the act’. In other words, what determines the difference is the purpose of performing an action in one’s own inner world.

How would you define love?
My experience to describe it now is not enough. I can’t even predict what it’ll make me feel, because it’s something that’s still a mystery to me. From what I’ve observed, I can only say that everyone reveals a different self. ‘Lover İpek’ is still inside me, and I can talk about love whenever she wants to come to light.

Interview Duygu Bengi
Photography Burcu Karademir