“I select colors inspired from the color of the nature. I use sunset of evening sky and color of daybreak sky, and recently work with color of leaves of tree. I try to express the color of leaves which is glittering in sunny day.” SAEROOM YOON

As you maintain your materials’ transparency on your designs, what’s the story behind being transparent?

When I plotted this work first time, I wanted to something formed only with colors maintaining transparency like painting watercolor in the air. So I work with acrylic which is more transparent than glass. Acrylic has no impurity so that the most transparent material that I can use right now.

You are working with wood too. How is the difference?

I graduated the department of woodworking and furniture design. I worked only with wood because I was indulged with the charm of wood. I felt limitation of my work as I work only with wood. I felt the lack of expression in woodworking in expressing my thoughts and emotion. So I started current acrylic works as I started to study post graduate course.

What is your future design-based dream?

My dream is to have an exhibition fully filled with my works in a big space. Those could be furniture or objects. I hope the day will come soon as I plot it little by little.