Alara Kap

Şebnem Keskin

With Spring, we dedicate ourselves to innovation. Beginnings with high claims uplift our excitement… Network chose to walk against the storm with fearless steps with world-famous Vertical Dance team BANDALOOP saying “There is more than the sky…” creating a unique experience for the season. As we listen to this brave brand from Şebnem Keskin, the vice general director, we are also ready to create our own unique stories.

Mihda Koray

It’ not that easy to be an “It Girl,” although it may look easy for our people. Being pretty and dressing well might be a privilege, however we do want to shout out that it is not enough from time to time.

Dear Mtv

We are highly nostalgic these days, missing everything that once made sense, however is unfortunately long gone now. You almost come at the top of that list. We’re talking about the several years when the M in MTV truly stood for music; when the weekends were dedicated to certain artists, long before pimping rides and just at the beginning of seeing cribs.

Vivid Hues – Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt knows herself as much as she knows her art. That is why she easily summed up her answers to all my questions with one quote from Jean Cocteau: “An artist cannot speak about his art any more then a plant can discuss horticulture.”

Jouer Sans Jouer – Fırat Çelik

We find ourselves very intrigued when it comes to the lives of actors; not because they are famous, but more because they get to live many lives through the infinite characters they portray, having the priority to experience their feelings in many shapes and forms.

Kelly Maker

Kendini toparla!” deYişi vardır ya? İnsanlar bunun dışında hareket ettiğinde ne kadar hoşumuza gidiyor anlatamayız; beraber giyilmemesi gereken desenleri giydiklerinde, söylenmemesi gereken şeyler söylendiğinde, beraber anılmayan şeyler bir araya getirildiğinde…

Dear Shakespeare

Dear Shakespeare, You know how dramatic love was back in your days? Romeo and Juliet dying over a stupid misunderstanding, the Fairy Queen falling for…

Chanel’s Couture Dreams: a Mirrored Affair in Paris

Every season Lagerfeld manages to create a collection fro Chanel that leaves one in awe; not to mention the 3-4 other collections he is working on simultaneously. Never have we heard of a brand that knows it’s customer this well that has the power to affect their taste.

The Pixar Theory

Wait, all the Pixar characters (Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Monsters university, Cars, Inside Out, Finding Nemo; you name it…) are actually related?…

2017 Golden Globes

La La Land, bir aşk hikayesine olabilecek en nefes kesici övgü olduğu için kendi başına bir postu hak ediyor olsa da, bu post Pazar günü…