Out of the longing of the summer days where streets are lively with dancing crowds and music resonates within the city, we have collected a lot of summer memories for you. Get ready for a day between dreams and reality with a person who is the embodiment of the summer itself! In these days of solitary confinement, we hope that you will find the summer moments hidden in our souls. Cemal Can Canseven is here with his story in the 39th issue of Based Istanbul, where he leaves himself to the rhythm of music.

Follow the link to read Cemal Can’s interview!

Creative Direction by Duygu Bengi⁠⁠ 
Fashion Editor Ceren Çetinoğlu
Filmed by Melike Müge Şahin 
Hair by Hüseyin Bayrak
MUA Yağız Yoldaş
Production BI CREATIVE 
Head of Production Beril Odabaşı, Atakan Katlanç
Prod. Executive Adem Özten 
Color Roots Posts Prodüksiyon 
Videography Assistant Zafer Aras 
Fashion Editor Assistant Ezgi Baylan