We had a cosy interview with She Past Away and talked about the situation of Dark Wave in Turkey, Albert Camus, unforgettable concert memories and Dior Homme. Let us show you everything you need to know, which is below!

How would you introduce She Past Away to someone who has never heard of the band?

VOLKAN & DORUK: We try to reflect the inspiration we gained from elements of early post-punk, synth-wave stage in a dark and cold way in today’s conditions.

By the way, who is this ‘she’?

VOLKAN & DORUK: She’s not someone particular.It generally refers to the lost ones.

If we start from the very beginning, how was She Past Away born?

VOLKAN: I used to make dark wave/electro music with my project Psychoma between 2002-2006. Then I met the right persons and She Past Away came into life.

Taking a closer look at your music, it could be said that it consists of a magnificent blend of synth, drums, guitar and bass. How do you define your own music?

VOLKAN & DORUK: Both the synths and the guitar are indispensable elements of our music. However, we don’t have concerns about the instruments like a classical rock band. It was considered strange in Turkey at first, too. For example, we use drum machines. Of course it’s a conscious choice. It’s one of the corner stones in creating the sound we want.

If you had a chance, what would you change in your first album “Belirdi Gece” ?

VOLKAN: “Belirdi Gece” consists of the songs I wrote at an earlier period. In this sense, “Narin Yalnızlık” expresses us better as an album. I don’t think there are big changes in the sound. I can only say that it has a more minimal and darker atmosphere in comparison to the first album.

Albert Camus said “All the sadness in people stems from the hope that detaches them from the silence in the castle and throw them to the city walls in a wait of salvation”. We guess that you have a few words to say about this quote since you convey the dark side of life through melodies as a band.

VOLKAN & DORUK: Hope gives birth to despair. Human beings always want to have more than they already do. Sadness is inevitable in this natural cycle.

If you were to make the soundtrack of a movie, which movie would you choose?

VOLKAN & DORUK: Blade Runner would be a great choice.

What else do you do apart from music?

VOLKAN: It depends. I’m a music teacher but I haven’t been teaching recently.

DORUK: I deal with music production, mastering etc. in my own studio.

“Kasvetli Kutlama” was used in Dior Homme’s Spring / Summer 2016 Show in Paris. Will we be able to see you more in touch with fashion in the next days?

VOLKAN & DORUK: We don’t have such a plan for the future. We are also familiar with their former playlists and they’re quite good at choosing music. It was a good surprise for us to be chosen by them.

Is there a concert memory you can never forget?

VOLKAN & DORUK: Being one of our first gigs abroad, Wave Gotik Treffen Festival was an unforgettable experience for us. Playing for so many people and finding ourselves giving autographs after the gig was pretty interesting. It was like a dream that people were still asking for CD/LP though the 100 LPs and almost 100 CDs we took there were already sold out!

Lastly, how do you consider the situation of dark wave in Turkey?

VOLKAN & DORUK: A big fat zero!