Burcu Karademir is one of those people who strive to make everything they touch more beautiful. In this day and age when people usually take actions based on the instinct to “promote themselves,” it’s surprising to see people who prefer to make the work at hand have a more proper way of expression rather than being in the production process. “I make a note of what is missing and get rid of the extras. Therefore, I create a shining unison that embraces everything you wish to add to it. I’m that way with myself as well.

I make additions or subtractions to be and be seen as better and more unique. I train my eye by making observations while working, and expand the limits of my passion. Being someone who fixes things, makes them beautiful or adds new things to it makes me ensure people around me as a ‘go-getter.’” She also emphasizes that dealing with the parts rather than the sum enables her to expand the limits of what she can do. “All this not only decreases the risk of making a mistake, but also enables me to use my time and energy in a more productive way.” Burcu looks towards the future with one dream in mind – to gather people with different perspectives whose talent and personality she has a faith in. As someone who has had the chance to work with a great number of people, she regards it a systematic definition created by the economy to direct oneself towards photography as an industry. “I believe that rather than pushing photography as a sub-industry, we should provide it with a perspective that taps into the artistic.” Her belief in the importance of creativity and being open to innovation rather than making safe choices is immense. “At the end of the day, my biggest desire is to see that the spirit of the work is awarded, applauded and supported.” In an industry dominated by similar-looking safe choices, everyone should make their professional goal to be as passionate, humble and go-getter as Burcu.

How would you define being unique?

How does Istanbul’s chaotic atmosphere affect your production?

What does simplicity mean to you in a world where visuals are highly manipulated?