9 am with Aslı Hotiç Türker

TIMEKEEPER: PANERAI Aslı Hotiç Türker is slightly more busy with her kids than work nowadays… In true mom form, her valued moments revolve around her family. She gets her unending energy from the first few hours of the morning which she spares for herself. With her upbeat spirit that lasts the whole day, we find ourselves during Aslı’s favorite time within 24 hours!


From a hand-sewn Couture dress to shoe ties, you can make a sartorial statement with your choice of fashion items. The gals of Rumisu, as we like to call them, illustrate the most professionally child-like drawings that adorn scarves elevating your outlook within one motion: wrapping it around any part of your body.

Kate Eringer

To be a writer in life and art, Kate Eringer embodies the modern day young writer, making it happen on all fronts.

Ceylan Carmıklı Pekün

It is clear what some people will grow up to be while they are still in their youth; Ceylan Carmıklı Pekün is one of them. No one expected the then-16 year old, who was not at all lazy to cook for her friends in the middle of the night, to be a financier. Let’s indulge in her flavors.

Brianna Lance

Brianna Lance lives for music and tells us about the beginning and present with her upcoming album just around the corner.

Can Duna & Kaan Bergsen

Although I’m a little biased when it comes to my love for these two, Can and Kaan might just be the zenith of cool. Having all the right ingredients for the birth of a new coffee generation, they created Petra Coffee. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Barbie Ferreira

Barbie Ferreira is not complicit to the norms of modeling, and then Ms. Ferreira is not at all complicit in the rituals of staying silent as one might expect of a model these days. Her Snapchat is the liveliest point of interaction where you can tune in to 200-second Snapchats nightly. She is raw, audacious, and only 18.