Beril Baştürk

She began ballet at the age of 5 and it became her life. Beril took the first steps towards her career when she got into Istanbul University State Conservatory Ballet Department. As she continues her education in Beykent University Department of Stage and Performing Arts Management, she dances in Hocapaşa Cultural Center. Having won the Korean International Ballet Competition’s Jury Prize, with her transcending dance, Beril’s passion for ballet reveals itself with elegance.

Eda Mutuşoğlu

Some “it girls” get this title because of their popularity and presence at every party and event while some earn it with their positivity, talent, and eye for creativity, almost forming a boundless connection with the onlooker. It won’t be difficult to grasp why Eda belongs in the latter group.

Guillaume Clerc

Maison Bourgeat has existed since 1879, and Guillaume Clerc is the master behind this wonderful bespoke house of fine frames and eyeglasses; classic, eccentric and retro. Guillaume is a couturier of glasses, where the frame is handmade in his atelier, with the help of Yann, an artisan working with Maison Bourgeat. Each pair of frames are drawn on paper, then the subsequent process is one of detail; in its design and the caliber of the frame; ivory, antelope, tortoiseshell… Guillaume, the couturier, answers a few of our questions.

Lara Kamhi

When we were kids, “to get over one’s head” sounded like it had a subtext of “thinking highly of yourself” rather than being just a skill. Today, it makes us stop and look up to the person of subject. Let’s listen to Lara…

Penelope Strintz

You are artistic assistant to Jean Charles de Castelbajac. What do you do exactly? I am really a multi-tasker, Jean Charles de Castelbajac is a…

Utku Bal

We meet in a cafe at Montmartre in Paris, at Utku’s suggestion. I asked for somewhere atmospheric, and Bal instantly thinks of the most cliche…

11 am with Nilperi Şahinkaya

Nilperi is aware of the value of living life in the moment, she is one of those who know the importance of being as “fresh” as possible, renewing herself, staying active and dynamic. Maybe this is the reason why she turned to drinking cleansing drinks into a ritual. We met up with Nilperi right around this time!

Duygu Özen

It’s impossible to ignore the power of Instagram; one minute you are looking at inspirational art pieces from galleries, the next minute you are somewhat stalking a Turkish girl who you find out is a lawyer, but looks like someone who has the reigns for styling. We were more than intrigued to get to know Duygu.