Arthur Bray, DJ

How would you describe your own music taste? Himalayan groove. Back of the bus head-nod, throat-singing over 140 bpm. What makes you dance? Michael Jackson,…

Deniz İrem, Model

How do you start the day? Though I’m physically awake, it takes some time for me to mentally wake up. First, I open the windows…

Sinem Yıldırım, Artist

What have you been up to recently? We’ve just finished a challenging but lovely process for NoLaB’s “Made in Türkiye” exhibition. I did some interdisciplinary…

Brandon Patton, Barber

What kind of a barber culture you want to bring to Istanbul with Frontier Barber? Frontier Barber is more than just a barbershop, it’s a…

Ali Efe Ekmekçi, Fashion Designer

I was looking at how items at the gym can be reinterpreted in a new way for men. Such as carrying a kettlebell as a handbag, using ruffles to flex your muscles, or couturization of sweatpants.

Doğa Bursalı, Model

A reality we don't know about models? I eat fast food :) Do you have a routine before photography shoots? I apply facial care that rests my skin on the night before. I start my day early with a full and energizing breakfast....

Hakan Oktaş, Fashion Designer

An act defined by your close circle as “a real Hakan classic”? That I get frustrated when someone asks me to share my food because I don't like sharing it... That I'm not capable of talking on the phone... That I sound busy or down on the phone even if I'm as energetic and happy as I could be. Fortunately my friends got used to it....

Lamia Lagha

We first met Lamia around Rue Montorgueil, at a corner café in Paris. We instantly clicked because Lamia is so carefree and opened minded… She is a stylist, and a very talented one. We talked about the changing pace of fashion and what it takes to live and work in Paris. She is truly a girl who has eclectic tastes and ideas....

Nil Nihat, Influencer

How do you define being stylish? A person who is not affected by external factors, and who is far from ordinary; someone unique. Basically, reflecting…

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