Ahsen Eroğlu, Actress

Where do you place art around your life? Every moment of my life. Film or series? Film. What is the last song did you add to your playlist? The Raconteurs - Collect by yourself. Night walk or morning run?  Morning run. The person you text…

Ayla Aydoğan, Fashion Designer

Ayla has shown us how striking results it could lead to support simplicity with small details. We had an inspiring conversation with Ayla who is featured on 2018 Istituto Marangoni Best Menswear Show with her collection about social anxiety disorder. Who is Ayla aydoğan? What…

Edis Görgülü, Musician

You’ve been hearing Edis Görgülü’s name a lot recently. This is the most sought-after star of the Turkish pop music scene! We couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask him some lesser-asked questions between the cover shoot. Now we take a step closer to Edis. The…

Utku Ateş, Actor

Our characters in real life are the seeds of our experiences. All of our characteristic experiences are a reflection of ourselves. At this point, we meet Utku and are excited about the characters he'll play. How would you define being in front of the camera?…

Ege İşlek, Headshot Photographer

Sahneye adım atmadan önce geçilen yollardan biri de keninizi en doğru, en yalın şekilde gösteren fotoğrafınızı bulmak. İstanbul’da bu noktada tek bir isim var: Ege İşlek. Bu kadar ince seçimleri olan birini yakalayınca, meraklı sorular da birbirini takip ediyor. Headshot…

Ahmet Emin Hondor, Stylist

Ahmet Emin Hondor is the only person you should have with you as you surrender yourself to the pace of Istanbul. Forget what happens where tonight, the best place for a coffee break or how you should look – just…

Deniz Marşan, Style Consultant

Life goes by so fast that it gets harder and harder to keep up with it. With her style that stills time and carpe diem-attitude, Deniz helps you look for reasons to leave aside your worries about life. The best advice you’ve ever had? You…

Seda Şen, Influencer

It’s impossible not to be attracted by Seda! Our conversation flavored with the smell of coffee flows into long hours with her colorful characters. We didn’t forget to get a few tips for you! How do you start the day?…

Birce Kirkova, Illustrator

Maybe, existing in the mystery we call art requires the courage to get lost in it. Known for her unique lines and HI İCHİ character, Birce Kirkova makes it happen, paying no mind to the norms, by being active in many areas from illustration to…

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