Quarantine Diaries: Zeynep Bastık

Some people are summer all year! Talking to them is like seeing the sunrise... Zeynep can take you away from all the negative emotions of life, to the clouds... She says she spends more time on herself during the quarantine days, that she is healing,…

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Daisuke, Designer

Daisuke aka Dimda, is inspired by the things he uses in his daily life and gives new meanings to his current items. He makes handbags from Nike towels, wallets from socks or scarves from Lacoste polos. He creates desired objects by adding his interpretation on…

Curator of all cool things: Michael Dupouy

While on a brief stop in İstanbul for his book signing at Les Benjamins, we had the chance to speak with the author of the street culture bible ‘All Gone’ and curator of cool, Michael ‘La MJC’ Dupouy. It was incredibly refreshing talking to someone…


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Quarantine Diaries: Elif Domaniç

Elif's quarantine days are far from calm... The rush of motherhood never stops! We stole her from Uzay and took some great pictures, questioned her "new norms" in social isolation, and, of course, we were relieved to learn that she was a normal person who,…

A day in the heart of nature!

Mother Nature has awakened! Can you hear her voice? Can you smell the earth? What about the flowers? Now it's time to feel the warmth of the Sun on your skin. Photography & Creative Direction: Eylül EzikModel: Polina ShapranSpecial thanks: Svetlana Kazantseva…

Embracing the beauty out of chaos

COVID-19 has reshaped urban life and has left many streets empty as people practice social distancing. And while we were thinking how much we’ve all missed the beautiful, poetic and chaotic streets of İstanbul, Kira Gyngazova -a Russian photographer based in İstanbul- came to our…

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