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Kültür, moda, tasarım ve sanat gündemini kaçırmamak için Based Istanbul e-posta listesine kayıt ol

Auto-correct w/ Aleyna Tilki

Does everyone have to follow the same pattern? Who separates right from wrong? Aren't you tired of putting everyone you see in the same mold? With Aleyna Fox, we underline being able to be free, to be an individual but most importantly to remain original. …

One Way To Tomorrow!

Sometimes, you can relate to some movies without even watching them. A short section, a name, an image... To connect with "One Way To Tomorrow", all I needed was to hear its name.  What I watched made me feel like I wasn't alone. These emotions,…

Jean-Claude Mpassy, Fashion Editor

Jean-Claude Mpassy, aka @newkissontheblog known for his trend pioneer and inspirational blog, turned his passion into a profession and now he is where he feels the best. Mpassy, who has been sharing his personal worldview through his blog since 2013; features street style, travel stories,…

She Who Digs the Unknown: Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin Allahyari is a digital artist that is inspired by female and queer monstrous figures from the Middle East. She re-writes their stories and gives them new forms through 3D modeling and printing. We’re looking forward to hearing more about her project and inspirations! How…

Prod Antzoulis, Fashion Photographer

If Prod Antzoulis did not trust his instinct within his work as his parents always taught him to, we would not have had the chance to get to know him today maybe. Prod’s journey with photography began when he was about 12 years old. It…

One-way ticket to the dreamland!

It all started when he was 6 years old, wanting to imitate a tree that his father had drawn. "It was like a revelation. I lived in the countryside with my parents. Drawing was a discovery of a cure for boredom, a great way to…

Quarantine Diaries: Zeynep Bastık

Some people are summer all year! Talking to them is like seeing the sunrise... Zeynep can take you away from all the negative emotions of life, to the clouds... She says she spends more time on herself during the quarantine days, that she is healing,…

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Daisuke, Designer

Daisuke aka Dimda, is inspired by the things he uses in his daily life and gives new meanings to his current items. He makes handbags from Nike towels, wallets from socks or scarves from Lacoste polos. He creates desired objects by adding his interpretation on…


Kültür, moda, tasarım ve sanat gündemini kaçırmamak için Based Istanbul e-posta listesine kayıt ol

Curator of all cool things: Michael Dupouy

While on a brief stop in İstanbul for his book signing at Les Benjamins, we had the chance to speak with the author of the street culture bible ‘All Gone’ and curator of cool, Michael ‘La MJC’ Dupouy. It was incredibly refreshing talking to someone…

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