White Step

Kazak/ Jumper: STEFANEL | Elbise/ Dress: PINKO | Pantalon/ Trousers: MUSEUM OF FINE CLOTHING |Ayakkabı/ Shoes: BARBARA BUI Gömlek/ Shirt: İPEKYOL | Elbise/ Dress: ÖZGÜR MASUR | Çorap/ Socks: UNIQLO |Ayakkabı/ Shoes: BARBARA BUI 1st Look Bluz/ Blouse: COS | Gömlek/ Shirt: MEHTAP ELIADI |…

Saint Hoax

In this day and time where Bruce Jenner has evolved into Lady Caitlyn as if in attribution to Game of Thrones, we met Saint Hoax who brings the Middle East where issues such as language, religion, race and gender have a meaning beyond taboo, together…


Its my second year in Istanbul and it is without doubt that different cities means new chapters, new discoveries. Ever since I was a child I was always made aware of the people around me, who they are, where they come from. My family is…

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Gözde Mutluer

You know Gözde Mutluer through her acting career but you also need to know her paintings. Experimenting with different forms of art, Gözde holds a mirror up to her inner world through the surreal women in her paintings. What do you do? I make discoveries…

Ali Deniz Uslu

Ali Deniz Uslu, offering us a confrontation with a bitter awareness in the harmony of poetry, prose and aphorisms with his new book “Karganın Duyduğu”, is an author of whose work we’ve been enjoying. We asked him to share his reading memo with us. What…

Babylon Bomonti

Since first coming into our lives in 1999, Babylon has changed a lot in Istanbul regarding music and the way it dominates the nightlife. The last night at Asmalımescit Babylon with the Iyeoka gig, had the regulars of Babylon kind of becoming emotional about leaving Asmalımescit and excited for September at the same time.

Indigo Sands

.Departing from last season’s Ottoman inspired collection, Les Benjamins has taken it up a notch to adhere to a new ethnic vision. Istanbul-based Bunyamin Aydin traveled to the Sahara for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, incorporating Tuareg and North African designs and inspirations into his collection, for which he staged a Paris presentation for the first time.