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Donald Cumming

Leaving behind his band The Virgins, Donald Cumming is in despair about the current state of music. His frankness about the industry, life and people is a result of the discovered pressures of band life, many a nights partying to the internal demon inside him, and then the wake-up call and the realisation that life goes on.

Elif Boyner

Elif Boyner, who had a breakthrough in the Turkish art scene, answered our questions that addresses the ways of working and thinking. We talked about her recent installations, the balance she is trying to establish in her work between the visual world and conceptual foundation, and the ‘horizon line’ she is chasing after..

Marie Marot

Taking her passion for shirts and hats one step further, Marie Marot created a label out of her “Less is more” motto she adopted from her personal style. The emerging designs are must-have key pieces if you are interested in a timeless elegance.

Alice Balas

A black Triumph sits at the doorstep of Miss Balas’s atelier in a small quite street just around the corner from Rue de Rivoli. Upon entering I’m greeted by a cool husky voiced Alice.

Raisa & Vanessa

R&V, the brand of sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason, is about to put the urban, chic, brave and attention-seeking women on its radar adding ready-made garment collections to its couture ones.

Michael Jantzen

We got to know Michael Jantzen, who makes us question our perception of space thanks to his extraordinary methods, through his dream-like house projects. Successfully bearing the titles of conceptual designer, artist, architect and engineer, Jantzen replied to the questions we were curious about. How…

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Chloe Wise

Iphones, Instagram, teenage/ twenty-something neurosis, luxe branding – the age of “me, myself and I” – it’s these qualities that gives definition to Wise’s personality, humour, and ultimately her works. Twenty-four-year-old Canadian-born painter, sculptor, and video artist Wise gives her version behind bagels, pancakes and “Literally Me.”

Ghosts of Yemen

I have a very soft spot for my father’s home country – Yemen. The last time I traveled there in late 2013 was an emotional time. I could feel the ends of what I’ve known my whole life as Yemen and it was beyond my…