Francesca Allen

Francesca Allen is reminiscent of London and the new generation of photographers changing the scope of this city. Her photos have a fragility and hopefulness…


From a hand-sewn Couture dress to shoe ties, you can make a sartorial statement with your choice of fashion items. The gals of Rumisu, as we like to call them, illustrate the most professionally child-like drawings that adorn scarves elevating your outlook within one motion: wrapping it around any part of your body.

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Kate Eringer

To be a writer in life and art, Kate Eringer embodies the modern day young writer, making it happen on all fronts.

Ceylan Carmıklı Pekün

It is clear what some people will grow up to be while they are still in their youth; Ceylan Carmıklı Pekün is one of them. No one expected the then-16 year old, who was not at all lazy to cook for her friends in the middle of the night, to be a financier. Let’s indulge in her flavors.


Kültür, moda, tasarım ve sanat gündemini kaçırmamak için Based Istanbul e-posta listesine kayıt ol

Brianna Lance

Brianna Lance lives for music and tells us about the beginning and present with her upcoming album just around the corner.

Sara Şensoy

Having recently finished a music video with Director Abteen Bagheri and cinematographer Isaac Bauman, Sara Şensoy is in Poland for the cinematography film festival, Camerimage. She answers our questions with the excitement that surrounds her, and tells us about her upcoming projects, and the way forward through costume design.

Star Wars

Star Wars: When the announcement was made about The Force Awakens being produced under the hegemony of Disney, people certainly had questions about it. “Who will direct the film?”, “How will Disney handle this legendary movie?”, “What will George Lucas’ role be?” Of course no one had any ideas about the scenario.

Charlie Siem

Most parents rightfully complain about our generation’s lack of interest when it comes to classical music: for lyrics, we prefer foul language over poetry, and we’d rather bounce up and down to hip-hop than be mesmerized by the beauty of a concerto.

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Cevdet Erek

Creating an atmosphere with sound We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that one of the most striking films of this year is Frenzy. The film inspires the audience in every sense. Cevdet Erek, the artist who made the sound design of this film is the one who transformed this chaotic atmosphere for the crowd.