Ozgur Masur, the one who seeks for the truth not the beauty and emphasizes the uniquenessof woman by feminine drawings in his designs, creates a summer dream in 24 pieces with his couture oriented collection for Ipekyol. As this collection is the second date of these two names, it brings the 80’s iconic looks back in the most shiny way. As he reflects the hybridity in his designs’ DNA with pleat and frill effects, Masur defines his romance dominated collection as “visualizing the self-confidence of women”

Masur states that he is refering to his couture collection with the details in these sketches that would make Ipekyol women to live a summer dream and he adds; “I see glitter as the recessive gene in my brand’s DNA, and I see the change in my collections as a language. Sometimes quite sophisticated, yet sometimes energetic as a star… It is all related to my emotions and longings in that very moment…” He emphasizes that he cares the production in his couture atelier as a laboratory, and he says “I’m working on how to integrate all the couture perception and stichting techniques to mass production in a right way. As this collaboration with Ipekyol includes many more people to my stories, it excites me more and more.”

We can not wait to be a part of Ozgur Masur’s summer dream that points a way where glitter, luxury and craftwork is turning into a way of expression more than a show off.

Özgür Masur