Seda Şen had already entered our radar with her style … Seda embodies our longing for the past with her attitude that erases the chaos in the crowds, the serene stance that leaves style hunters competing with consumption frenzy and her time-defying attitude. “Seen” is the focus of our relationship with Seda today! Seen takes small but steady steps with vintage pieces and belts. Seen’s bags, like Seda, defy time! With the fashion sense far from the trends, it blends with the naive lines you will always want to have.

Seda has been in Istanbul for 10 years now and lately, she is enjoying Arnavutköy! She is accompanied by the most poetical streets of this city where she came to study sculpture. Arnavutköy, which conceals a part of history at every step, becomes even more meaningful with the spirit of Seda.

No success is easy! In this city, Seda has lagged behind many different professions from photographer assistant to social media consultant. She stepped fearlessly on her way to create her brand and proceeded without losing her interest in fashion. “When I look at my childhood photos, I come across photos where I am wearing the clothes I altered,” she says, but fashion points only to a part of her interest in aesthetics, perhaps it is more appropriate to say that it is a form of expression, a mode of production.

I ask curiously about the vintage images that come to our minds when we hear the name Seda Şen; “What images does the concept of vintage portray in your mind ?”The house I grew up in! Vintage expresses the effects that the past and past lives have on me. It’s like a sea where deeper I dive the more valuable things I come across. ”

Seda defines her style as the meeting point of the old and the new. Seen came from her desire to serve herself. “Before Seen, I tried to gain experience in many areas that would nourish this business. After all that, it’s time for me to put these experiences all together, “she says.

Like everyone who transforms their passion into a profession, Seda admits that she has gone through difficult paths; “It was a more rugged and instructive journey than I thought. Of course, conditions can be very decisive. Now I can’t wait for more !” But it’s such a journey that no matter how hard it gets, you’re moving forward fearlessly with even the slightest achievements!

Seda describes Seen’s signature as”animals figures and prints” and underlines an important nuance for many people who dream of selling their designs by becoming a brand on Instagram; “The thing that influences people on social media is how you place that product and what you sell is your gusto. The key to this process is managing the moment of crisis.”

Seda dreams of her concept store, which includes vintage pieces and workshops while emphasizing the importance of the division of labour for those who dare to brand their designs! Because how you started and the way you follow the various opportunities changes the fate of your brand Follow the link for your rendezvous with Seen who mirrors Seda Şen’s style!