Takeover Chef

If the point in question is to experience new things, you can leave yourself to Ahmet’s hands. Our questions are neverending when we come across people who know their city so well! But this time, what got us excited is his new project “Takeover Chef”. Rather than searching for new places to experience different tastes, doesn't it sound inviting; to allow chefs to create menus designed for you in the comfort of your own space?

Mihda Koray

It’ not that easy to be an “It Girl,” although it may look easy for our people. Being pretty and dressing well might be a privilege, however we do want to shout out that it is not enough from time to time.

Imagine the next step!

As artificial intelligence technology advanced, we found ourselves asking questions like “Will machines replace us?” While some follow the proceeds of this age with enthusiasm for it’s promises of the future, others believe that this transformation will debilitate the meaning of being human even further and look back to the past with nostalgia. As for us, we look at from the light of hope and ask, how will the possibilities of what the digital age brings facilitate our lives? How can we embrace this transformation?

Dear Mtv

We are highly nostalgic these days, missing everything that once made sense, however is unfortunately long gone now. You almost come at the top of that list. We’re talking about the several years when the M in MTV truly stood for music; when the weekends were dedicated to certain artists, long before pimping rides and just at the beginning of seeing cribs.

I Am Moody

“There is only one thing that defines time: MY MOOD!” This sentence is engraved in my brain, repeating itself countless times… We’re in Milan where…

Dear Shakespeare

Dear Shakespeare, You know how dramatic love was back in your days? Romeo and Juliet dying over a stupid misunderstanding, the Fairy Queen falling for…

The Pixar Theory

Wait, all the Pixar characters (Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Monsters university, Cars, Inside Out, Finding Nemo; you name it…) are actually related?…