Following the wind requires learning to let go of control and to be able to trust where the flow will take you. Acting in harmony with nature is a passion for Serkay Tütüncü. All the freshness of summer comes from the sense of freedom it carries. The lightness of movement, thoughts and even conversations; the linen shirt worn on tanned skin and the feeling of waves is enough to define summer for Serkay. On this journey  we are catching the excitement of the hot summer with Serkay. Come join us!

What kind of a person do you become when it is summer, do you change?

I change a lot. My endurance increases, I wake up feeling very positive. I become much more sociable and warm. I instantly turn off the workaholic Serkay mode that I turned on in the winter… I like making plans, being surrounded by people and to change locations in summertime.

How do you know when summer is coming? What changes in your life?

I start to wear more colorful and linen clothes. I start driving a lot. And of course, more surfing and partying.

Tell us about an ordinary summer day!

I start the morning with a fresh breakfast. Then I look at the Whatsapp group of surfers, where we talk very actively and share wind information according to the spots. We make beautiful sunset plans in the evening. And If there is a nice event at night, we will definitely be there.

Which song feels like summer regardless of the season?

For the last 2 years, I think “There is Still Pain Left”.

Dreams or reality?

I guess I’ll choose the reality where I can make my dreams come true, I just can’t choose one.

A movie that best describes summer?

 Point Break

What has excited you the most lately?

I think having a nice vacation for 2 months. And our new series, which will be broadcast in september called “Kusursuz Kiracı”. I’m waiting very excitedly.

Favorite summer activity?

Surfing of course! This is the thing that excites me the most in the summer since I was 9 years old :)

A feature that only those who know you well know?

Arguments and resentments tire me a lot. I act like I don’t care from the outside, but inside it makes me sad…

Your biggest motivation lately?

Receiving the rewards of my work greatly increases my motivation. I can’t say “that” is my only motivation. As long as I keep the promises I made to myself, I can create new things to motivate myself. The best thing in the world is to make an effort and get something in return.

Favorite drink of the summer?

Ice cold beer 

How would you describe feeling the waves?


You must be the coolest guy who is jumping in the pool/sea, show us!

Serkay’s definition of summer?

Long meals with my family, being with childhood friends and surfing. My summer could be all about that my entire life. 

In partnership with Mett Bodrum
Talent Serkay Tütüncü
Creative Direction & Interview by Duygu Bengi
Fashion Director Burak Sanuk
Videography by Ecem Tungaz
Photography by Yağız Yeşilkaya
Styling by Murat Kıvık 
Head of Production Beril Odabaşı
Editor Dilan Günaçtı
The Voice Can Remzi Ergen