Its all about the music; the artist, the sound, the moment the song was played, and what the song meant to that particular moment. This is according to Hanna Hanra, the girl who found BEAT Magazine, with its iconic covers and features exposing what is happening in the realm of music, underground and above. She is cool just because she gives a shit and she

knows what she is talking about, a rarity in today’s music magazine industry.
1995’te Alanis Morissette’in Jagged Little Pill albümü çıktığında (ihanet hakkında bir diğer albüm) daha önce hiç kalbim kırılmamıştı ama onun kızgınlığını anlamıştım.
When Alanis Morrissette’s Jagged Little Pill came out in 1995 (another album about betrayal) I’d never had my heart broken but I understood her anger.

As a DJ and music journalist, what is your honest opinion about Lemonade? How do you perceive this move for the future of music?

I LOVE IT. I think it is brilliant that one of, if not the, biggest popstar in the world can write an album that is so emotive and emotional and unafraid to bow down and make pop bangers for the sake of selling albums. I love the fact that she samples everyone from lounge crooner Andy Williams to Isaac Hayes. I love the fact she used Jack White and vocals from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I think that anger is an emotion that most people understand in some way. When Alanis Morrissette’s Jagged Little Pill came out in 1995 (another album about betrayal) I’d never had my heart broken but I understood her anger. And on a personal note, it came out at the same time that I’d discovered my partner had had an affair, so yeah, it spoke to me.

You are the founder of BEAT Magazine, which strives to reveal something raw and original through its visual imagery, as well as music interviews. It has practically become a beacon for young talents. What was the defining moment when deciding to bring an independent music magazine to the public?

You think? That’s cool. Before I started BEAT, I ran a fanzine for four years called P.i.X. I did everything with my friend, we dropped it off at shops, we did all the interviews, photographs etc. I guess we really were the first place for a lot of new talent, The Horrors, Florence Welch… all people we covered first. It was on newspaper too and one side was a poster. When that was finished, I decided to start BEAT because I felt that there was nothing similar – music was either covered by style magazines or by music magazines in a very serious and earnest way. I felt like there was nothing that was fun, that had great, iconic pictures. Although it took music seriously, it had a sense of humour about itself. Also I think it’s very important to mention that BEAT covers all music. Which again, as a lover of music, seems like a very simple idea but is often missing from other titles.

What’s your opinion about other music magazines out there now?

I am so impressed with other independent magazines. I know how hard it is to put together an issue from scratch… So I think it is great that there are other music magazines. I think BEAT is very different to them though, so it would be hard to compare them!

What has been the most memorable interview you’ve had for BEAT?

Oh there have been so many. Sometimes the ones that you, as a journalist, get the most out of are the ones that you least expect. I’ve been lucky enough to interview my heroes too – Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, Christ Stein, Marianne Faithfull… Beyoncé

If you could yell out one musician that deserves our attention, who would it be?

I love this band from Mali called Songhoy Blues. We interviewed them and shot them for our Autumn issue last year, with Beyoncé on the cover. It felt important to get them into an issue that had her on the cover because I knew it would get a lot of attention from the media around the world.

Which magazine do you first remember that stands outWhich magazine do you first remember that stands outduring your teenage years? And what do you think of thissame magazine now?

I used to love reading the Face, i-D and Sleazenation. It alwaysfelt like you were part of a gang, in on a joke. Which issomething that I try and recreate now with BEAT. Sadly theFace and Sleazenation are no longer getting published andi-D is very different to how it used to be.

Which magazine do you look towards now for absolute satisfaction?Which magazine do you look towards now for absolute satisfaction?

I love reading the New Yorker every weekend and the Gentlewoman.I also really love in flight magazines! I don’t knowwhy.

I love the BEAT covers and their simplicity.

Thank you! Me too. I think they all stand out in their own way. Sometimes I look back on them and can’t believe we have done so many…

What makes a BEAT cover… well a cover? Which cover soWhat makes a BEAT cover… well a cover? Which cover sofar stands out for you?

All of them. Personally my favourite one is the first issue,with Warpaint shot by Clare Shilland. It is such a strong imageand set the tone for the rest of the publication. I also lovethe Beyoncé one shot by Ryan McGinley – everything it stoodfor – the story behind it, shooting it, the fact that it happened,I still can’t believe it’s real to be honest. And finally I think theone that is closest to my heart is the David Bowie one. I’msuch a massive fan of his. I made a poster of him about 16years ago and it’s still on my wall. When his team phoned meto say that he’d seen the issue and that he’d love to do a coverof BEAT – and that he wasn’t doing anything else I cried morethan I ever have in my life. It is the biggest compliment thatI could ever possibly imagine. When I started the magazine Ialways said that I wanted Beyoncé then Bowie and it actuallycame true, and on our fifth anniversary issue too!

How do you see BEAT progressing into the future?How do you see BEAT progressing into the future?

I have no idea. I don’t think it needs to change. I’d like it togrow and grow. It’s growing online too, which is exciting forme as it’s a very different medium to print.

How do you see your role as DJ and editor progressing intoHow do you see your role as DJ and editor progressing intothe future?

Ummmm….. I don’t know! If you have any ideas on how I canprogress let me know!