In these days when the whole world is falling apart, a few minutes you will spare for a conversation between two people who know each other very well, as a memory rather than an interview, summarizes the state of being on the road in summer, friendship, passion, and dreams. To all friendships that are built on the road!

What does “the road” mean to you? The journey? Friendship?

I think “the road” is my way of escaping all my problems. When I feel like I can’t handle something, the idea of being on the road relaxes me. I guess, because of the fact that I escape all my biggest problems that way, I feel like when I am on the road, nothing will bother me and I will get rid of all my problems. When I stop, my anxieties stop to haunt me too, but when I am on the move, I feel like I am getting away from them. The right path, the right friend, the right smell, the right music… Our trip together was exactly like that, but I remember you taking me on this journey. I am realizing now that a true friend is someone who can sit on your passenger seat and ride with you in silence.

Do you categorize the people in your life? Do you categorize them, for example, as the love journey, the friendship journey, the family journey? Or are they all interwined together and eventually become dead ends?

I think mine would be dead ends because I unite all of them as one. I get lost and confuse the roads because I put too much on the people in my journeys. And sometimes there are dead ends. And then I find myself thinking about how to go back from that road without hitting something. I don’t think I’ve ever categorized someone in that sense. If I think someone is my companion, I put everything on them.

Well then, will there be a world where you can differentiate all the meanings? Should there be?

It has to be because, since I started to feel like I’m an adult, I’m so tired of the fear that I will not be able to go back without hitting something. Will there be? I’m trying.

What upsets you the most?

The fact that all the roads cannot be converging.

And what pleases you the most?

That all roads end with sunset. I’m afraid I’ll pull over somewhere, either I or they will get out of the car.

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We shared a lot and we actually became closer on the road. And then we were on a project together. Ironically, the project was also called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Our trip too was actually a summer night’s trip. The end of a sad night was actually our midsummer night’s dream. What is your summer night dream?

I’m a summer person. I love summer nights, summer days altogether. I’ve always had good memories, met good people on summer nights. Our time together was just like that too. I guess summer never disappointed me with something I did with enthusiasm. That’s what’s magical for me.

How would you describe summer?

If you have a problem, summer is a season where you can just be on the road and be happy regardless. I think summer is the season when I am the happiest. A season in which I can easily get out of dark times, and it smells amazing. Sea, shampoo, sunscreen…

How do you know the summer is coming?

We had cherry orchards in Izmir. When they were ripe, they would harvest and send them to us in large baskets. The day I could eat cherries was the day I could wear strapless tops. I can tell the summer is coming when there are cherries.

Do you believe in summer love?

Not at all! I believe in winter love. Fall in love in winter, and go to a vacation together in summer.

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Tell us a story of the sea, the sand, and plenty of sunlight!

When I meditate, I go where I always want to be. And usually, I imagine the same story. I’m at a certain age. My hair has grown very long. I’m wearing a kimono. I have a house with big windows and linen curtains. It is by the sea, of course, with a big garden. I’m with friends that I am sure about. I’m excitedly preparing for diner on the kitchen island. Beautiful music is playing, there are pictures of my favorite painters on the wall. I have built myself a small workshop in the house. I’m enjoying maturity. I still haven’t had botox, I have wrinkles on my face. I suppose I’ve found the man I love by then. I’m making dinner, and I have sand on my feet. I am thinking whether or not it would be rude for the quest to vacuum them. Of course, I am very tanned. And the house smells amazing. And there is a sprinkler sound in the background. Then, we no rush at all, my loved ones start to arrive, one by one, and fill the empty seats. I pour a nice bottle of one to their glasses, with some great-smelling olive oil and warm breah that I baked. With the bautiful harmony of bread and wine, us and the conversation, we start talking about sunset while thanking God for today. We watch the sun go down with chattings and laughters. We raise our glassed to calm roads, until the sunrise. We are all compete now.

What separates the summer from all other seasons and adds value to our lives? 

Because the summer is warm, everything that happens in summer feels warm to me. The conversation is also warm, the relationship is also warm. Even the fight is warm. The warmth of summer reminds me of true intimacy. Its plus is the temperature, I think.

Imagine a huge space filled with white tablecloths. You want to make a cer tain number of people happy there. Who are they? Who would you like to prepare this table?

Children, I think.

So, what would you say to those children? What kind of a world would you like to leave for them?

“I promise you a world that in no way will make you feel lonely and wor thless, or let you down.” I guess I ‘d like to say that . I ‘d like to leave love, sincerity, and honesty. I would not want to leave the favoritisms and the insincere flat terings. 

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If you could eliminate any emotion or behavior in the world, what would it be?

I think it would be the special treatment for people’s status. I ‘d like to eliminate that completely.

If you could insett a feeling in the hear ts of all the people in the world, what would it be?

I think everyone needs to feel like they are taken care of and safe. Or, at least, I need it the most .

You have last five minutes alive and the whole world is listening to you. What would you say to them?

Do not manipulate yourselves.

How do you feel when you’re sit ting in the passenger seat on the journeys of the people you love and maybe seeing their needs, their weaknesses, their predicaments, their wrong paths? How does it feel not to be able to stop it?

When I see the weaknesses of that person, I just want to say “Don’t worry, I am here. Go down those wrong paths, make mistakes, but I ‘m with you, we’ll go down these paths together.” It ‘s important to give or feel that assurance. 

Being on the road, hanging on a certain amount of melancholy, and what the road makes you feel; are these things an artist ‘s fuel?

Of course! We feed on the road, the melancholy. Good thing there’s melancholy.

How is the relationship between the actor Selin and Selin, who has heartbreaks, happiness, weaknesses, and strengths? Are they companions?

They’re very close, they’re on this journey together.


Are you happy as an actor? 

I am not. There are so many things I want to do. I want to make these things per fectly. So, I always feel incomplete. I always go the wrong way when I ‘m in a rush of per fection. I have so much in me that I want to show, they are over flowing. But I ‘m not sure whether I can show it exactly or not. But I guess that ‘s what acting is, I ‘ll never be sure.

Don’ t you feel like you are deserving to give yourself that midsummer night ‘s dream? Let ‘s be honest with ourselves; let ‘s experience the negative, but also live the dream of the night , but sometimes. . .don’ t we also deserve satisfaction? Don’t we see enough support to say that I am who I am, with myself, with my talent , with my physical appearance, at this moment of my li fe? How can a person make peace with themselves?

The thoughts of the people in my life have always been very important to me. And looking at the bigger picture, I didn’ t really find a way out of that bubble. When I think about it, not being afraid to be alone is the way out. 

All our fears, all the steps we’ve taken in li fe are about to make history. Having children, directing, acting, teaching, being a doctor. .. we need to play God in all of them. In my opinion, my insists on theatre is like writing on sand. How do you feel about the world af ter your existence? Are you in the moment , or are you lost thinking the things you will leave for the future?

While I dream of my house with the big windows I mentioned earlier, my feeling is actually to stay in the moment. That ‘s the feeling I’m after. 

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In life, they have always made us feel the need for completion. We’re always looking for ” the other half.” Do you feel the same? Do you think you’re just the half of something?

I really have no idea whether I ‘m complete as an individual or not, I w ish I knew. If the place where I see Selin in the future is my dream that I just told you about, I know I can only make that dream a reality when I feel complete. Because this is a utopia for me. If I feel I can be self -suf ficient, only then I can surround myself with the people I trust and have dinner in the place I have always dreamt of.

In Short,

What’s the closest movie to your dreams or your life?


A song?

M.A.Y in the Backyard, Ryuichi Sakamoto


Gaudi, Başak Cankeş

Antoni Gaudi has a work that is inpired by Casa Batlio buildings.

That ‘s me!

Also, I cannot say that it is my dream or my life, but something I always envied to be: Beach, Sally West.

Who do you share your happiness with first?

With my mom!

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