As Miuccia Prada continues to redefine the identity of Miu Miu, the Day/Night collection is presented as both familiar and new while combining contrasts in itself.

The collection, which combines dualities such as day and night, real and unreal, elegant and destructive at the same time, continues the effortless rebelliousness adopted by Miu Miu. The collection story, which can also be defined as the self-discovery story of young people coming from darkness to light, progresses in parallel with Miu Miu’s changing identity.

The collection, in which the spirit of the night wardrobe is renewed and combined with a uniform daily outfit and brings the character of the wearers to the fore, is in a timeless and spaceless line. Pleated skirts, shirts and jackets are radically shortened while master tailoring; combines crystals and sportswear. Between night and day, innocence and experientialism, Miu Miu creates a world that is difficult to define. With this collection,themes such as individuality, freedom and the celebration of style becomes an extension of the self.

Campaign images photographed by Tyrone Lebon and a video shot by Julian Klinewicz brings the Day to Night transition to the Miu Miu universe.