We know that Yazbükey’s world of colors take hold of every onlooker. Now, we just want to know Yaz a little better.

“Art, stage, makeup, hair… I chose fashion because it encompasses all of them,” says Yaz, sweping away some of the questions we have about her multi-personality. We know she likes everything that’s beautiful and flamboyant – “assertive” would be a better word for it. After studying at Studio Berçot in Paris, she started working with some of the giants of the industry including Martin Margiela, Givenchy and McQueen. Jeremy Scott was her last stop before creating her own brand. She defines herself with one word for those who know nothing about her – “A queen!” And it doesn’t take long for the queen to feel an urge to share her perspective. Trompe l’oeil and surrealism become her anchors in creating her brand, and that’s how Yazbükey is born. Beyond the boundaries of being just a brand, it expresses a tangible perspective, a lifestyle. It pulls you into its own realm. Maybe that’s why Yaz shouts, “Welcome to Yazbükeyland!” when she describes her brand.

While defining fashion as “a mess,” she emphasizes the importance of which description we choose or will choose. However, her mess has a dynamic spirit. She’s inspired by everything from movies to vintage clothes, exhibitions to old magazines. And is always cheerful. We know it’s hard to come up with four collections a year as required by the fast-paced tempo of fashion. “While designing one, I have to do research for the next collection,” says Yaz. It’s unbelievable how innovative and unique she can be despite this rhythm.

Yazbükey’s trademark is that it makes plexiglass look more luxurious than ever before. She can make it into something fabulous with her secret technique. Shifting our focus from her colorful designs – which she bases on “her dreams and young spirit” – I ask her about the big picture and how she sees the future of fashion. It’s not possible to talk about her usual cheer. “It’s a depressive area. I’m only interested in expressing myself.”

The world of Yazbükey grows unceasingly. Soon, the brand will release its footwear line, only to be followed by a dogwear collection named Yazbükey Paws and a beachwear collection titled Yazbükey Swimming Pool. The brand’s hot topic though is Yazbükey Home, which is slowly launched into the market.

I’m curious how Yaz spends her days, being as prolific as she is. “Pretty exciting,” is her reply. “I work out in the morning; do some work and walk Monroe around. Work, work, work. A quick aperitif at the office. Dinner with friends (I eat one meal a day), a documentary on Netflix, playing with Monroe and back to the realm of dreams!”

A city? Paris

A color? All colors! It’s impossible for me to choose.

A song? “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend!” I sing it to my girl, Monroe, every day.

A movie? An American in Paris

An accessory? Sunglasses

A phrase? Oh-la-la!