Bünyamin Aydin

Les Benjamins has evolved in becoming the definition of a lifestyle from just a t-shirt brand. It is one of the most sui generis brands you can ever see Its creator Bünyamin Aydın is a mirror of the brand and he is a naughty, stylish, hiphop loving young entrepreneur who set his sights on the world....

The Realist Dreamer – Özgür Masur

He confronts his emotions with a direct approach, changing between reality and dreams. He is entertaining but perfectly happy being alone. More importantly he knows women very well and it is inevitable that we all need a Özgür Masur....

Indigo Sands

.Departing from last season’s Ottoman inspired collection, Les Benjamins has taken it up a notch to adhere to a new ethnic vision. Istanbul-based Bunyamin Aydin traveled to the Sahara for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, incorporating Tuareg and North African designs and inspirations into his collection, for which he staged a Paris presentation for the first time....

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