Rosie Assoulin

Grown up life doesn’t hold that many pure head-bursting-with-joy moments. When Rosie Assoulin agreed to an interview, we were strongly reminded of our childlike excitement of when her brand arrived to Beymen, a few months ago, and changed the way women dressed, forever.

Géraldine & Victoire D’estrëe

Nestled within a beautiful 18th century building at Paris’s 7th arrondissement, there is a hint of wonders contained and created behind the studio doors of Géraldine & Victoire D’Estrëe. Victoire, the eldest of the two, greets me at the door, finely dressed in a blue chemise and black pants.

Emmanuel Tomasini

We met in La Fumoir in Paris. His appearance is striking, and yet he has a soft face, one that is gentle and kind. He admits that fashion is his main interest and one that he takes delight from.

Tiny Worlds of Wonder

Creating tiny worlds in thread to capture specific moments, artist Michelle Kingdom brings a whole new perspective to details in sartorial choices. These intricate embroideries feature people, animals, and nature entailing vivid colors.

Emma Read

We caught up with Emma Read, stylist, writer and producer from Sydney, Australia. She gave us an insight into Australian fashion and how it is all evolving.


Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, and yes, genders express themselves differently. At least that is how it was until today. Now the new generation doesn’t mention gender when they define or express themselves.

Sebla Devidas & Ahmet Öcal

For those who realize and appreciate true beauty, there is no easier feeling than falling under the spell of fashion. It’s not called “retail therapy” for no reason; shopping offers people a perfect exit from the “real world” they want to run away from.