Objet Du Jour: Sneakers

This is not an article that will reveal all things you didn’t know about modern sneakers; frankly, it’s all out there. From Converse to Nike’s, Adidas to Puma, Vans to Reebok, you name it, the details are apparent.

Zeynep Tosun

There is something about Zeynep Tosun that we can’t put our finger on; whether it’s her contagious laughter, unexplainable charm or positive energy, women are drawn to her clothes like a moth to a flame.

Carne Bollente

Founded in 2013, by people whose paths have been crossed at different points of the world, Carne Bollente questions the purpose of adorning, the meaning of fashion, and its relation to every other discipline that guides us to what we are as “modern people.”

Murat Türkili

Working as if to prove the statement “There is no coincidence when it comes to success” he evokes admiration with his mind and attitude, seeing the whole picture when it comes to his work…

Merve & Beste Manastır

It’s time to break the perception of ‘this can’t be Turkish.’ Like we mentioned in our previous issue, all the work being produced in Turkey is always sentenced behind tightly closed doors, while they get a lot of recognition abroad.