Ayşe & Ece Ege of Dice Kayek

Modanın yorucu temposu tasarımcılara kaydı bile. Geçen sene duyduğumuz isimler çoktan tarihin tozlu sayfalarına dahil olmuş olabiliyor. Bir de klasikler var… Dice Kayek ismi, dünya çapında hak ettiği tanınırlığı seneler önce kazandı ve Ayşe ve Ece Ege’yi durdurmak mümkün değil.

All Woman Project

Are you aware of the sharp borders of the fashion industry? Think about it, how often do you see models of different shapes, ages or races? We all know the answer: the fashion industry is not that equitable. The lopsided part of the industry revealed itself once again with Charli Howard’s open letter to her ex-modeling agency.

Les Benjamins Welcomes Winter

Fans that vary from Travis Scott to Jaiden Smith to Cara Delevigne to Rita Ora, Les Benjamins’ upcoming collection for Fall / Winter 2016 / 2017 is once again before us with memorable designs that will surely keep us talking.

Oversized is The New Black

Hakan Yıldırım is a designer who isn’t afraid of change, accepting of failure, continuously self-constructive, outspoken, open-hearted, and positive… Most importantly, he is an absolutely gifted person.


Growing up in the 90s was both good and bad; iTunes wasn’t yet invented – you’d have to wait patiently for your favourite song to come up in front of the radio with your hand on the record button. Listening to that cassette with impulsive changes had it’s own delight. Well, when the songs were recorded the way they were, the tape would be a “mixed” one.

Gap, Reloded.

While you already had many reasons to walk through Gap’s doors opening up to familiar, comfortable feelings, their number will increase with the new collection on these days where the weather has gone off on all of us. Gap is ready to take it’s new spot in your closets with the “Do You” campaign, encouraging you to, well, do you.

High Lights

Men, how many of you have been to the stores hoping to find the latest Vetements hoodie, only to be told to wait a couple more weeks? Or maybe Calvin Klein’s super-chic, classy jacket? All of you?