F is for Fendi

Fendi meets millennials with its new site called F is for… It will feature different categories of ‘F’ including Freaks, Fulgore, Faces, Freedom, and Fearless.

Chanel’s Couture Dreams: a Mirrored Affair in Paris

Every season Lagerfeld manages to create a collection fro Chanel that leaves one in awe; not to mention the 3-4 other collections he is working on simultaneously. Never have we heard of a brand that knows it’s customer this well that has the power to affect their taste.

An Academian Tale

Why is it that some people are more drawn to foreign brands we’re completely unsure. Maybe it’s their “Hollywood appeal,” where the idea is more striking than the reality of it, or the fact that some think what is right in front of them is less tempting.


There is such a thing as the Ozgur Masur woman. This is a woman who doesn’t conform with time but uses it as she wishes; she is determined, free, and authentic.