The message was received. MJ has provided a blueprint of confidence to a global community of Jumpmen and he has helped fashion a generation of Fearless Ones. et's meet İlke, Ege, Ece, Zeynep, Melis, and Sena: Strong, confident and fearless women who know what they…

The Act of Freedom

Elbise/Dress: ESRA GÜRSES Eldiven:TOUCHE /OPIA PR Ayakkabı/Shoes: SUDI ETUZ Çorap/Socks: PENTİ Üst/Top: EMRE PAKEL Tayt/Leggings: CULTFORM / OPIA PR Takılar/ Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN/STUDIO11Ayakkabı/Shoes: PROENZA SCHOULER / VAKKO Bere/Beenie: EMRE PAKEL Takılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN / STUDIO11 Üst/Top: CULTFORM /OPIA PR Çorap/Socks: PENTI Ayakkabı/Shoes: SUDI ETUZTakılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN / STUDIO11 Ceket/Jacket: CULTFORM /OPIA PR Eldiven/Gloves: TOUCHE/OPIA PREtek/Skirt: NENUPHAR / VAKKORAMA Takılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN /…


Sweatshirt, Kemer / Belt: CHANEL Üst / Top: EMRE PAKEL Pantolon / Pants: MOSCHINO Ayakkabılar / Shoes: PRADA ''The way of non-action, is the skill that psychologists call “affect tolerance.” This step extends our ability to befriend the pain of the dark emotions in the…

Freak Show

Elbise/Dress: CULTFORM Üst/Top: ESRA GÜRSES Elbise/Dress: BUST2Kırmızı Elbise/ Red Dress: ESRA GÜRSES On the right: Üst/Top: CULTFORMPantolon/Trousers: ESRA GÜRSES Renkli Elbise/Colorfull Dress: CULTFORMElbise/Dress: Zara Photography by Burak Dirik Styling: Dilara Kirsanli Makeup: Özge Tas Özmen Model:Altin Tatli…

Under 25

The sharp line that what we want from life and what we already have emerges when we are 25 years old. After that time, we start to hold close ties with reality and come to terms with life. Is this a journey to the days…

Urban Tribes

The fashion phenomenon represents an idea throughout an ideal. With its potential to link the culture and the individual, creates the personal urban appearances which has an unending variety. Today, urban life made any kind of public apparency possible.…

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