The Act of Freedom

Elbise/Dress: ESRA GÜRSES Eldiven:TOUCHE /OPIA PR Ayakkabı/Shoes: SUDI ETUZ Çorap/Socks: PENTİ Üst/Top: EMRE PAKEL Tayt/Leggings: CULTFORM / OPIA PR Takılar/ Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN/STUDIO11Ayakkabı/Shoes: PROENZA SCHOULER / VAKKO Bere/Beenie: EMRE PAKEL Takılar/Jewellery: MERANO DESIGN /…

Freak Show

Elbise/Dress: CULTFORM Üst/Top: ESRA GÜRSES Elbise/Dress: BUST2Kırmızı Elbise/ Red Dress: ESRA GÜRSES On the right: Üst/Top: CULTFORMPantolon/Trousers: ESRA GÜRSES Renkli Elbise/Colorfull Dress: CULTFORMElbise/Dress: Zara Photography…

Urban Tribes

The fashion phenomenon represents an idea throughout an ideal. With its potential to link the culture and the individual, creates the personal urban appearances which…