Strong, Attractive and Natural

There are many factors for us to feel good and beautiful in our clothes but the one axis they all meet is the sense of belonging.  Not being able to inspire this sense of belonging leads to some kind of discrepancy, even for pieces we…

Unexpected Details in Life

Yaprak Medine How does making a difference start for you? For me, making a difference is to be myself. We all have different colors, unique identities and I feel like trying to be someone else is washing away all the colors. So, when I think…

Meet Hanthis!

Colorful, fun, effortless and as it is! Who doesn't want to take power from these adjectives! Keeping her relationship with colors at a high level, Hande Taşer offers a never-ending date with nature with her brand Hanthis, which emphasizes effortless elegance inspired by her own…

What is truly authentic?

Les Benjamins is not a classic street-style brand, but an original value that embraces this culture. And its chief designer, Lamia, is not a classic designer, but a courageous one who dares to adapt the nuances of tailoring to the street style at every step. We have…

Versatility is a key!

We come across Materiel in the middle of the visual battles of Instagram. Dominant colours, effortless silhouettes and confident women. Everything about 21st century fashion is perfectly combined. Created by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, Lado Bokuchava and Aka Prodiashvili, the brand is the echoer of the spirit…


The message was received. MJ has provided a blueprint of confidence to a global community of Jumpmen and he has helped fashion a generation of Fearless Ones. et's meet İlke, Ege, Ece, Zeynep, Melis, and Sena: Strong, confident and fearless women who know what they…

Time Travel w/ Seçkin Özdemir

Seçkin Özdemir joins to our time travel journey with Gant, and he has no intention to compete with it. He says, “To be timeless is to live without thinking about the effects time has on us.” and he casts aside all the wars he has…

Too Far Too Close: Early 2000 ‘s

The early 2000s: A decade too close to be nostalgia, far to make us feel almost old as we remember the internet and technology changing our daily life habits and ways of doing things easily and quickly! The fear of terrorism, which was replaced by the…

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