If there is a boundary, there is also a reason to violate it. Can does not want to be isolated from any experience in life and draws a circle in the air with his index finger, separating night from day.

How does the night start for you?
Slowly…Although I start the night slowly, I can’t say what happens after is at the same pace. For me the night means being open to experience, being able to take the next step.
Do you describe yourself as “brave”?
Sometimes… The definition of courage can vary.
It’s getting dark, and you’re walking down the streets; what’s playing in the background?
How would you describe the night?
What do boundaries mean to you?
Violation, if there is a boundary, there is also a reason to violate it. I don’t want to isolate myself from any experience in life.
How open are you to new experiences?
Not like everyone else, I am on the other side of the line for everybody but, within myself, I am open to new experiences as much as possible.
Creative Direction & Interview by Duygu Bengi
Video Director by Ragıp Ergün
Photography by Burcu Karademir
Styling Kübra Özden
Hair Akın Ünal
MUA Burcu Taş
Producer Metehan Öz
Post Producer Zeynep Torun 
Art Director İrem Kaşıkçı
Camera Mesmo Salur
Set Supervisor Sertaç Ataç
Styling Assistant Melike Karabulut 
Production Lead Eylül Yankın