Gucci’s contemporary-and-romantic philosophy comes together with Coco Capitán’s witty and ironic style.

Coco Capitán’s handcrafted witty aphorisms were featured on two pieces at the fashion show for Gucci’s 2017-18 Fall/Winter collection. Guests at Gucci’s Italy show were welcomed by Capitán’s writings on the wall and were given invitation with the artist’s own handwriting. At the end of the show, Alessandro Michele greeted the guests, wearing a T-shirt with one of Capitán’s message. Its slogan? “I want to go back to believing a story.”

Alessandro Michele and Capitán’s Fall/Winter collaboration gave birth to many idiosyncratic pieces that reflect the artist’s witty sense of humor. Capitán used colorful tote backpacks, belt bags, sweatshirts, T-shirts, hoodies, knitwear and jackets as a canvas and adorned them with her handwritten messages. Most of the pieces in the all-unisex collection also feature Gucci’s green-red-green network and intertwined GGs in gold.

As we count down to the release of the collection, Gucci continues turn up the excitement of this collaboration with the project “Art Wall.”